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  1. No, you don't. Work out your budget and then get the best Logitech mouse for the money you want to spend.

  2. Try The Expanse. Great books that got made into a pretty good TV show too. Or if you want something a bit less serious you can try the Nights Dawn trilogy by Peter F Hamilton.

  3. On behalf of non-bitter white people this was harmless fun

  4. It's not ok to try and kill someone for being very annoying

  5. What about when they try and open your car door to threaten you physically?

  6. It's so ugly. I own one and it's maybe the ugliest ship in the verse. I hate looking at it lol.

  7. Really? I just do not get that. Each to their own I guess but I find her attitude just mildly annoying the entire time. Can't quite describe why but it's something about her interactions with Jimmy.

  8. DM: can you roll an Investigation check at disadvantage?

  9. The population of the country is entirely IRRELEVANT. It's the population split OF THE PLATFORM that matters. Jfc how do you think the population of the country matters in the slightest? I'm not from either of those countries. When I use THE PLATFORM it's got lots of AMERICANS on it talking about AMERICAN things.

  10. Okay, sure… but which country would you expect the English-speaking Twitter users to come from, exactly? China? Brazil?

  11. I don't expect anything I've just had enough of Americans and how American they are about everything. They've become insufferable bores with their never ending election cycles and polarised politics and ridiculous opinions about everything. American culture is so abhorrent and Twitter is like peak Americanism it's a horrible awful platform, largely for that reason.

  12. There's a few PC ports. See: company of Heroes, Neverwinter Nights, baldurs gate 2.

  13. Stop saying u paid for overwatch 2 when u never did lol. Overwatch 1 is not overwatch 2

  14. There is no Overwatch 2. This is just Overwatch. I'm playing it right now. It's Overwatch. Overwatch 2 was a scam. A lie. It does not exist.

  15. Ok troll. Believe whatever you want

  16. Not going to argue with that! hahaha

  17. I feel like there should be meetings we can go to and say "my name is John and I'm a star citizen addict".

  18. This is why I'm not allowed to leave the stove when I'm cooking hot chocolate.

  19. darkness is the absence of light, it dosent have a speed. that’s like saying an area without a car is faster then a car

  20. I'm not going to take corrections from someone who doesn't know the difference between then and than.

  21. No it's faster, because no matter how fast the light goes the dark always got there first.

  22. Heck my wife just says "I really need a good pounding" and I find that works. Men aren't really that subtle.

  23. There is no such thing as buffalo seed. It’s sterile and only propagated via cuttings.

  24. Hmm, wonder what I bought lol. I think it said patch fill for buffalo lawns.

  25. I like the Glaive because I find it just the right balance of maneuvering and guns. The size 5s are so satisfying to shoot.

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