1. If you’re not picky about the pattern lining up, this might solve your problem.

  2. JANUARY. Seriously can’t believe it’s still January. It’s been so long. One more day

  3. I've never seen anybody actually do it, though. Some day I'll buy one and actually do it, then return to

  4. The front door is the worst. You can’t just say you want a 4 paneled door. No, because there are 16 different types of paneling.

  5. Your smile says it all. Love your pal cheering for you, as well.

  6. Kaizen. The Japanese word/mantra for continuous improvement in your life

  7. I started with that book and then moved to the three ring binder set. This way, if we are hiking or flying, I can just take the pages I need for that trip.

  8. Old friend I bumped into yesterday gave me this. Said friend had a history of being a bullshitter and exaggerating everything he says, told me they were 500mg lol. There’s no way this small cookie can be 250 or 500mg, I will be eating it Friday night.

  9. I told a student that I was happy he “kicked that bug” that he had had and he was horrified! It took about 45 minutes to calm everyone down and explain what I meant.

  10. If they don’t already have pockets, maybe use the excess to add some?

  11. We have the same problem, their chests are so large! I found Tooth & Honey is the only brand that fits her.

  12. My final four: Mr. Rogers vs. Dolly Parton and Steve Martin vs. Brendan Fraser. I’m stumped from there.

  13. I once painted my bedroom this color yellow. Everyone hated it. In fact, 20 years later I’m still hearing about it.

  14. In my first apartment, I painted one wall of my kitchen flamingo pink and my friends still tease me about it. Loved that kitchen and still love bold, tacky colors, these stairs included.

  15. That pink kitchen sounds fabulous! Loud color lovers unite!

  16. This chart should help out a bit.

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