1. I don’t know what country you’re from but I’m all too familiar with the family pressure. And parents freaking out about something and then coming back like nothing happened. I guess that no matter what you say to your mom she will still expect you to support everyone.

  2. One of my biggest peeves is people (especially blood relation) who think the word "family" is an automatic gift that keeps on giving. That they have to do nothing to earn it, and can pick it up and put it down when it suits them. Stick to your guns. If it took a slip in an interview 2 years after starting to "out" you, then obviously you weren't out there embarrassing the family name. You owe them nothing.

  3. Welcome to families in developing countries. If you’re the oldest son or daughter then you’re expected to take care of parents and younger siblings. If you have money then you’re expected to take care of everyone.

  4. I know because everyone only cares about profit, I’m just hoping there’s atleast one person who will sell a huge for that price

  5. It’s not profit. If people bought a huge then they did it for minimum 10b and they could sell it for that much easily… so you’re basically asking people to give you 4b for free.

  6. Nope. I’ve had a few pets bought from booths that later were deleted for being dupes. I don’t know why BG doesn’t run dupe detection when people sell or trade pets. Otherwise the person punished is the buyer not the duper.

  7. Yes it’s not just 1 pet it’s an average of the 4 best pets. It was changed a long time ago, though some of the descriptions still say “pet” instead of “pets”.

  8. Is there any official support for this game? Do you know who I could contact for help?

  9. Support is via the Big Games discord. Unfortunately, pets don't seem to be tracked and I've never seen anyone successfully getting lost pets back. Best case scenario would be that your son was recording the game and captured the moment the pets vanished- in such case they might do something to help.

  10. Thanks for your help. A huge bummer for him. On Tuesday he spent his birthday money on some toys at Target. He was very excited when he redeemed the DLC code and got some special "Huge, Dark Matter something-or-other" then the next day it just vanished along with the rest of his collection...

  11. As a fellow parent I would suggest you ask to use his account and check yourself. Look in his inventory, look in the bank to see if pets are there. Look in the bank history to see if he invited anyone into his bank. Look at his trade history to see if any pets were traded to other people.

  12. Your experience reminds me of abuses that were taking place in churches around that time. The abusers would target kids they felt were emotionally vulnerable and ones whose parents were either too trusting or were not supportive. They'd exaggerate any wrongdoing by the kid to put them in a position of power- that the kid owed them compliant behavior, that the kid couldn't be trusted, and that they were on the verge of more serious consequences.

  13. Is there a way to get it in 5 days because all the Amazon products will not get there in time

  14. Buy an exclusive egg or two. Sell them in the trading plaza. Use the proceeds to buy a huge from the trading plaza.

  15. Check out this thread with almost exactly the same question-

  16. Some incorrect info here. Huges copy the average of the four highest non-exclusive pet powers of the pets you have in your inventory. If you have less than four then it averages however many you have down to a minimum of 1.

  17. Fastest way- buy an exclusive egg, sell it in the trading plaza, use funds to buy huge hell rock.

  18. Nice man! Only curiosity, how much time you needed to get it tho?

  19. I grinded it in about a day, though I already had a lot of mastery from playing the game. Worst part was probably the fusing but I just hatched a ton of spawn pets and used tinytask to fuse them all.

  20. That was only around for a week and it ended a year ago.

  21. We gonna need a link to the story

  22. I mean, he’s had all of my huges before and gave them back

  23. Same thing happened to me. I had borrowed some of his pets for index and he had borrowed some of mine. No problems but then suddenly he took pets for index and left.

  24. Wait the same person stole your pets too?

  25. A different person. Index scamming is very common unfortunately. It’s worse when you have known someone for a while and talked with them. I guess some people just can’t resist the temptation.

  26. I was lucky to get 1 too yesterday. It put me up to #10 on the leaderboard.

  27. Power adds up all pets not just huges. Looks like you only have normal pets- he might have HC.

  28. “I don’t want to mislead anyone here. This corner of the website—“New Stuff”—is not a resurrection of The Far Side daily cartoons. (Well, not exactly, anyway—like the proverbial tiger and its stripes, I’m pretty much stuck with my sense of humor. Aren’t we all?) The thing is, I thoroughly enjoyed my career as a syndicated cartoonist, and I hope, in spirit at least, we had some laughs together. But after fifteen years of meeting deadlines, well, blah blah blah … you know the rest. The day after I retired from syndication, it felt good not to draw on a deadline. And after moving on to other interests, drawing just wasn’t on my to-do list. Things change. But then a few years ago—and returning to the subject at hand—­something happened in my life, and it started with a clogged pen.

  29. This was in a busy trading plaza too. Seems people don't pay much attention to the auction board anymore!

  30. Of course both are afk and have no idea yet!

  31. That makes a big difference! Tho prices are dropping... I had no takers in the trading plaza for 15b earlier.

  32. I've been trying to sell them for 1b and not many buyers. They're super easy to get by just afk farming and then afk hatching.

  33. What does your trade and bank history say about who the pets went to?

  34. Thanks for the link, but if that's the same flight then your article says smoke was caused by the aircon unit not a fire.

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