1. I feel like, "do not lick my cheesecake" shouldn't require to be spelled out. 🤢

  2. The other day I learned that this is a type of edging fetish porn disguised as a TikTok food channel.

  3. Ragebait videos. They're fu king annoying but these people make bank on clicks.

  4. Stop eating potatoes. How would you feel if someone ripped your throat out, skinned you and put you in boiling water.

  5. A few other people commented - she isn't in this photo. The other person in the photo who was killed is Justin Meek, who is the person on the far left.

  6. Oh man, so 2 people killed in this massacre survived route 91

  7. Alaina Housley, niece of journalist Adam Housley and Tamara Mowry-Housley

  8. that must feel great! the first smell i smelled after months of anosmia was apple pie🤤 when did the anosmia/ parosmia start?

  9. Anosmia a year ago. I didn't even realize until I stepped in a dog pile in my new apartment and was like, "how did I not smell this OHHHH NOOOO" And went around sniffing candles to no avail. The in March I started smellong/tasting things wrong and especially bad. I hate it

  10. I know how you feel. Got really excited the other day when I farted and it smelled like fart.

  11. 🤣 I'm grateful I can't smell farts... I have no idea if my boyfriend crop dusts me haha

  12. It was so cute. He just popped through like, "Oh hey nice lady."

  13. So that's what comes in the new adult happy meal!

  14. Is the crab on top grabbing onto the shell and rocking it?

  15. Not rocking, but I heard a grinding sound like he is scratching at the other one

  16. You’re looking to get shells in the same size and a size up. Please, there’s 16 different sizes between inches. Example- 1/4 inch opening. The next size up is 5/16 it is NOT 1/2 like our American brains think it is.

  17. I appreciate this so much! Going every where I can tomorrow for shells!

  18. I write dates opened on any meats and dairy now and toss them after a week now.

  19. We all know all foods that aren’t 100% farm grown unsprayed are genetically modified to levels you can’t imagine, I’ve always thought that once contracting parosmia what’s actually happening is you now can pick out everything that has one of the many chemicals added to foods and other things… if you’ve gone down the companies ingredients lists it’s a five alarm fire if you were to call poison control and list off the isolated ingredients in just about everything in your house, as I’m typing this you can be 100% sure that there’s also a litany of other garbage they also put into everything, why do I say this? Because it’s true. We all know the FDA is bought and paid for and is a rotating door for employees of the very same companies that make the products the FDA is supposedly monitoring…. I’ve spoke with many people in these fields and most have the same conclusions, the government is not to be trusted with ANYTHING, The ROCKEFELLER medical industry has been lying to us since the early 1900’s when the hijacked it from natural homeopathic Drs..

  20. Interesting thought. Funny enough, before, I would get nauseated if I walked by the fertilizer/miracle gro stuff at the hardware store. It was so strong with a chemically smell. Now, I don't smell it at all. So there are some pros to my parosmia in that perfumes, strong chemical smells don't fuck with my sensory issues.

  21. Ugh, coffee. Black coffee was fine til the last time I caught covid a month or so ago. Now it's rancid and I have to rely on redbull which is more sugar than I care to consume.

  22. I have a pit but she’s scared of butterflies so trust me when I say it’s mostly the owners at fault, you show dogs violence then it’s all they know, you show them only love then that’s all they know.

  23. Mine is a rescue pit-rottie and when I first got her, she had food aggression and nipped hands (she was previously tied to a tree her whole first year and associated hands with food). I've had her 3 years now and the aggression with food and toys is pretty much gone. But I still make sure my kid knows not to go near her if she is eating or has a bone/chew. I also do not let her sleep in his room, much as I trust her, I want any possible risk to be eliminated. Any animal can turn on a dime for whatever reason. I recognize that a pit has an immense bite force and understand why people hold a stigma against them. It's very much nurture (or lack thereof) that makes a "bad" dog, but there's definitely an aspect of nature there, too.

  24. Lol right like I'm 34 and the Used is still ny fave band

  25. I think it was, like, two years ago that I last saw The Used, and my husband and I were just at the MCR show two nights ago. My 10 year old jokes with her friends about having emo parents, lol.

  26. The kids these days call us Elder Emos

  27. Do people make these kinds of tiktoks in hopes they'll get the attention of movie producers or something? They're always so bad.

  28. She's saying that doctors lack knowledge? Wow.

  29. Any movement can help. Running up and down the stairs at home/dorm. While studying, throw in a break every 15 minutes for push ups or squats or any 5 minute work out. Drink water instead of soda. Idk.

  30. Didnt they tell him the opposite? That its bettee than it looks like?

  31. Nope. The depth of the punctures were like a half inch deep.

  32. Taking this top content to update: he won't need surgery! 🙆🏻‍♀️

  33. Wounds on skin heal. It's the psychological damage I'm worried about.

  34. Looks like tetrazini and now I'm hangry

  35. I had it in September 2021 and my smell is still all fuckered. I started therapy this week with essential oils and I think it's helping. The store told me to get eucalyptus, a flower smell, and a citrus smell... do only one a day, smell a minute them do it again 40 minutes later a few times a day

  36. Is that spinal cord damage? That’s crazy. One stab and he can’t control his arms or legs anymore

  37. That was more to the right than that, seems to have already been suffering from previous wounds. You can see the attackers hand covered in blood.

  38. This doesn't look like yhe sky burials I've seen at all. It's in what looks like a trash pit and done in a disrespectful manner. Is this like, the Great Value brand sky burial?

  39. I saw a doc about op. In India but a man with a hatched did chop it up first (only 5 pieces )

  40. The Tibetan ceremonies I've seen, they slice the limbs and buttocks, let the birds eat, and then go back to crush the bones. The birds will consume those thereafter.

  41. Regarding the foul smell and mention of fajitas... I know exactly what you mean. Bell peppers and onions are ruined for me. It's so hard to describe, it's so nasty I can even taste it. Like a sour, rotten meat with something else mixed in. And I often smell a combo or honey mustard and menthol, which is disgusting. Weed smells like very oniony chicken soup.

  42. 30 years before: drink a lot of milk, it's healthy!

  43. The irony, though. "If you dont drink enough milk, you'll have osteoporosis when you're old and break your hip so easily!"

  44. This is very cool! Is there anyway we could see a better picture of how you secured the jaw? Or describe it if possible? Surely it is glued some?

  45. Idk how to add a second photo but the chain necklace is what holds it in place. Drilled a hole on both side of the jaw and put a metal ring through those holes then the ring through the chain.

  46. How is it connected to the mirror/ the rest of the skull? It’s sitting perfectly lined with the top jaw. Sorry I’m not sure my question makes sense!

  47. I have wire looped through the back of the skull then through the wood just above the mirror in a hole I drilled. Then the chain draped over the wire and glued in place. The chain then hangs freely and I attached a ring on both sides on the jaw, connecting to the chain via one link each side which suspends the lower jaw in place. I hope I explained it in a good way!

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