1. Makes me wonder how old he is.. probably in his late 60s

  2. Ehh not really. This is more towards those who looked for work but been unsuccessful to find a well fit stable job.

  3. These are the only girl scout cookies I'll eat. I once had a Samoa latte and it tasted exactly like the cookie. It was amazing.

  4. Omg it is heaven sent i literally ate a whole pack within 8 mins and jesus these are the best cookies ive ever had in my life.

  5. There's no self control involved in eating those. I always kind of regret it because I want more. But they're just so good. They're the crack of cookies.

  6. Exactly it is an addiction i swear if its what it feels like to be on drugs i can see why some can't stop doing it .

  7. Brown noise? Thats a thing? Wow guess Its not only white

  8. It’s deeper sounding than white noise. Quite soothing and masks other noises

  9. The asmr i see nowadays dont even work for me like it did 10 or 12 years ago. Cause these ppl do tooo much and it just kills the comfort

  10. Is it something a women risked doing? I mean i seen a movie where a girl could stop a male driver in his car when she showed her leg

  11. I ended up driving through this tiny town in the middle of Nevada that I assume used to be a mining town. It looked like a steady paycheck hadn't been seen in this town for 20 years, the houses were all dilapidated, and the locals looked just as worn out. Bullet holes and burn marks could be seen on pretty much every building. The only reason I drove through the town instead of just sticking to the main road was to top up on gas, but I couldn't find anything, not even a small convenience store. It must've been hell for those folks considering the closest town with an actual store and gas was around 70 miles away.

  12. Jesus i looked it up and all i can say is you better hope and prey you dont run into car problems out there. Cause some scary shit might come around

  13. all i can afford is beans, rice and jesus christ its all because of byron!

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