1. Yo OP. This picture is very painful ya know…. 😅

  2. Wow nice catch and very possible too knowing how Peter/Vince love tying everything together as well as they do

  3. I personally will wait for puffco to drop the proxy pro in 6-12 months or so. Because not including app connectivity is ridiculous for a $300 device.

  4. You did yourself a favor…. Now finish it off by throwing that shit in the garbage

  5. I think it’s possible that we get our first black and white scene in the Gene Takavic post BB timeline for the S6E8 intro

  6. So you say you’re going from Seattle. Would that mean you are a Seahawks fan that’s now a Broncos fan following Russell Wilson? Just curious as to how many people are doing that

  7. Definitely not. I was born in Denver, been a Broncos fan my whole life. I live near Seattle, moved here years ago for work and loved the area so we stayed. Broncos for life.

  8. Cool! I was just curious. Good luck to you guys this season! I’m a titans fan

  9. Defense is gonna be elite this season. Tennessee Tyrants

  10. Puffco’s “step forward” looks like a giant step… backwards? It’s just a $300 dab pen with a mouthpiece

  11. I have some Single Source poon tang pie right now from CO that looks a lot like that 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. I would have to stick to dispensary if I had to choose. But I’ve had good BM also. Terp.Science out of Michigan makes some killer cold cure rosins. But you just have to know the best dispo brands to get. for rosin at the dispo in CO, you can’t beat Soiku Bano, Lazercat, Single Source, and Olio— all put out insanely good stuff consistently

  13. Well hopefully it's a new limited... cop took my customized Indiglow about a month ago that I'm still having nightmares about.

  14. Focus V Carta 2 will ship to your state if you want to replace it for $350 instead of $400 and get a 3D chamber included with the device. They essentially just copied the Pro

  15. Fucking disgusting. How did the hair taste?

  16. Iced up? Would you mind to elaborate on that further please?

  17. Holy mother of god you just explained to me why I’ve been saving those damned things for years AND fixed my rosin refrigerator problem in one fell swoop. Thank you, sir.

  18. So the silica desiccant packs fixed it for you with a similar mini fridge? I’m waiting to get a pack of them from Amazon tomorrow to try it

  19. Meant to say it stays 72-73* degrees in my room where the mini fridge is

  20. Puffco ball cap is hot garbage imo. Out of the box it’s so stiff and hard to turn, even on a brand new 3D chamber… I get red and white flashing lights immediately just from turning it and then removing the cap to clear my hit.

  21. And then when part 2 of BCS starts after July 11, we’ll go through a cliffhanger every week until the series finale episode

  22. That custom glass is sick. Who is that by

  23. 508 for 1:15-1:20 depending on dab size with 1-2 boosts as needed 🔥💨

  24. @bhoroglass peak pro ball cap has been such a nice purchase for me. Custom ball cap and a travel pack for the mouth piece and backpack especially are must haves for the pro.

  25. I’m 685 dabs in on my pro and love it. 508 for 1:15 with 1 boost is the way for rosins 🔥💨

  26. Where did you see this? It’s not featured after the credits roll on AMC+

  27. Yes!!!! Gonna dab rosin out of my puffco pro tonight for better call Saul premiere

  28. I love his work! It’s made my dabbing experience much better, the puffco ball cap is so sticky and doesn’t move well at all

  29. I love his work! It’s made my dabbing experience much better, the puffco ball cap is so sticky and doesn’t move well at all. But bhoroglass’ ball cap moves around with ease. So nice.

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