1. Rescuers pulled dog out of apartment building in Ukraine that was hit by a Russian missile today

  2. Sure, but passive POE devices do not. Not all Ethernet devices support 802.3bt.

  3. Yes, but you are getting into the weeds here. The conductors in most ethernet cables are thinner than the conductors in USB cables. It seems weird they wouldn't have to verify the ethernet cable if 60W+ is a safety issue.

  4. Okay, so you're interested in the gauge of the wires. The thickness of the wires doesn't affect how many watts you can safely push through the cable. It only affects how many amps (how much current). USB Type-C only requires cables to be able to handle up to 3A. Cables that are capable of handling more than that must identify themselves with a chip in the cable. 802.3bt runs at up to only 0.96A per twisted pair. CAT-5 spec requires a minimum thickness of 24 gauge, which is sufficient to handle the 0.96A of current required by 802.3bt.

  5. So POE can safely send more watts because it uses a higher voltage?

  6. that's a facebook issue not a windows issue

  7. if they gave you more fries I'd forgive them

  8. If you have it for years you'll eventually have to get the battery replaced anyway. Batteries have a limited number of charge cycles.

  9. Replace the battery and don’t leave it plugged in 24/7 anymore

  10. Post a screen shot of your RS3 Bank when you get on?

  11. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klinke

  12. If you use a stereo klinke on a mono input you got mono!

  13. Windows Explorer freezes and crashes every time I use it.

  14. It does the same thing on a fresh install

  15. I started playing San Andreas yesterday and it runs pretty smooth on my phone. I'm not running the updated version of AetherSX2

  16. Yeah it runs smooth but I was wondering if it ran smootherer

  17. He changed to saying buy a $2000 graphics card to ai upscale 720 to shitty “4K”

  18. If you have 2 homes you can afford 2 live tv services

  19. Maybe they can fix the shitty jumpy shadows from Just Cause 4

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