1. How is that any different than praying/paying remembrance to people you as a Christian have lost? In any case YTA.

  2. Feels like the nice thing would be to let him sleep, wink wink, nudge nudge

  3. When I finished on "she loves me not", I pulled out the garden sheers to try my luck again.

  4. How do you know someone didn’t just piss on it?

  5. That’s entirely possible, and if anything I’d probably prefer that over some deadly shit, but idk you never know

  6. I think you’re wildly overthinking the whole situation, best case, it’s homeless piss or titty sweat from the money pocket of some ladies bra

  7. Think of it like a rabid dog, I love dogs, but sometimes they need to be put down… he was a rabid dog, it needed to be done.

  8. I was gonna say like the Deltora Quest books at my primary school 20 years ago

  9. Idk why people are shitting on you got this, this is hilarious

  10. She will never, never forgive you for this. Op you fucked up bad. YTA.

  11. I’m sorry but what the fuck did I just read???

  12. Have you seen the economy?? You’re joking right??

  13. I also enjoy the game when your wife walks around the house like that.

  14. Oooh I watch her videos too! If she chopped me up I would die so happy!

  15. Speaking as a nb trans woman in New Zealand, I literally met my current nb partner on there. It was a pleasant surprise and I adore them. In long, a found a nugget of gold in an overflowing portapottie

  16. I can’t speak for others. But if I was the surgeon, I’d give the woman and child and the spot. Two last lives saved. I did good.

  17. You been watching the lion the witch and the wardrobe?

  18. Bruh you aren’t dumb, it’s similar words, and I only knew you were wrong from a markiplier video of all places

  19. It was just a dumb brain moment, I have em. I only knew one of them was snow because my partner wanted a name for her horse in RDR2. I was just off a little 🤷🏻‍♀️

  20. As a millennial I’m glad but also this physically hurts

  21. 100%. I feel happy for them because they’re going after what they want! You go! ❤️

  22. If boot locker is for cops and government wouldn’t cocklicker be for supporting the patriarchy?

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