1. Slushies to the left of me diabetes to my right here I am stuck in the waiting room 🎶

  2. This blows my mind ! If you have the link , yes please . There was a profound change in my son when he was doing hyperbaric ; he and everyone else assumed it was coincidence ! Easy since it’s so expensive and not a practice in the states . Thank you for posting!

  3. This is super helpful ! I am often wondering how it can still look okay when it’s been in the drawer for a month 😬

  4. Only 15 of the original bonsai’s remain in the Jamaica plain arboretum . I didn’t know about the robbery in the 80’s which may be common knowledge but I didn’t know. They are guarded by alarm now .

  5. Though a few have mentioned Ender's Game, I'd also be inclined to mention Ender's Shadow, which I'm now rereading. No joke, I think I actually prefer this one to the original.

  6. Oh, I remember that scene. I just remember watching part of a movie where a cat falls off a boat and is eaten by a shark. That is all I remember about it.

  7. Jaws f’ed up a lot of us , it still haunts my ocean experiences

  8. The lack of political experience (even in something like local government) by candidates .

  9. Eh well I have Twitter but I never use it and so I think ‘should i delete it and send a message ? ‘ lol

  10. Your hair color would look so pretty with bleached pastel pink tips 😱

  11. Second Summer / St Martin’s summer /Indian summer/ All Hallows’ summer / Halcyon Days this weather phenomenon in NE had been around for at least few hundred years. Check it out in Farmers Almanac . I remember parents at the bus stop having this same conversation 30 years ago . It’s not related but , yes , Fuck global warming !

  12. Yup. My youngest was born in the caul too. It’s pretty cool

  13. It’s not toned , i would go to a redkin salon with the pic and get a gloss !! Your ends needs more lift but you can get way closer- actually you might not be too far off on the lightness ( I think it’s your pic lighting )

  14. Why can’t we use the plastic to built stuff ? Like for filer or something ?

  15. By freedom of speech does he mean a cesspool of peoples judgmental whims to sift through on any given topic ? I would pay for a critical thinking elevated platform where people are accountable for what they write but I think we are past that:(

  16. Wtaf she may have said it’s hard to feel loved even , but what does anything have to do with a mothers love for her kid :( sorry

  17. Their feelings hurt 😢 wtaf I am old school ,so could be this, but I was shocked to learn it was true :(

  18. Oh wow black ! And I am always partial to blonde . You could also do a deep burgundy or even a red . The blonde washes you out imo

  19. The point might be for true acceptance , to better find tips and tricks , find literature that is more relevant and also for services if applicable !

  20. Well apparently throwing milk on the floor for some poor 17yr old kid to clean up, counts as saving the cows and protesting for global something . Storm the T to protest to people who are stuck riding the T , dude we know.

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