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  1. I love this kind of stuff. But it makes me wonder who the person was that looked at a huge pottery wheel and thought "hey, I wonder what ungodly large food I could make on this thing for just one person?"

  2. Does it matter if the bloodwork is done during a “flair up” or not? Bc like I said, this just started, idk if it’s gonna go away in a few days. If I go to a dr and they do a test, whatever their looking for will show up?

  3. No, because I was originally diagnosed as seronegative, then finally my blood work showed seropositive after a few years. Be persistent with your pcp and don't ignore the little things even if this instance goes away or turns out to be nothing/something else. I'm not saying to panic, but don't ignore potential symptoms just because you don't want to have RA. One of the best things to properly manage RA is if you can catch it early and head off serious joint damage. There has been and continues to be great progress in the study and treatment of this disease. It's a very different world than the one your mother was diagnosed in.

  4. Wallace in Northern ID is a fantastic little community and a short drive from many ghosted mining towns like Burke.

  5. This. It's also crazy close to lookout pass ski area and silver mountain. My Spokane and Schweitzer aren't too far either. Very neat small town with a lot of history.

  6. What state is the seller in? A number of states don't title dirt bikes. My state does, but a neighboring one doesn't. When I've bought dirt bikes from the neighboring state, I just tell them that at the DMV, they do a quick title search to make sure its not been reported stolen (only in my state) then issue me a new title. Most of the time it's pretty easy. But occasionally there's a problem. In my state if the vehicle is over 10 years old, you can sign an affidavit and send out a certified letter to the last title owner. If they don't respond, or respond that they sold it, the DMV will issue you a title. If it's less than 10 years old, you can do that too, but do theres a probate period and you have to pay a bond.

  7. This looks like it might have info you need. Looks like Navada didn't start requiring ohv titles until 2012. Because the kdx is older than that. Looks like it might be simple.

  8. I think both those states require titles. If the guy you're buying from is the last titled owner, you can have him sign a form for lost title with change of ownership. If he's not the titled owner it may be a crap shoot. I have a law enforcement officer friend that has done a title search for me before and I was able to find the previous owner via internet sleuthing, and he lived close to me, but that was just lucky.

  9. My son had a gash almost identical from a bicycle crash when he was 4. He's 10 now, it's mostly gone, but he's got a nice lightning shaped scar right smack dab in the middle of his forehead. Makes Harry Potter costumes pretty easy.

  10. I made one of these! It was captioned “I wouldn’t let him play with the bag of dirty cat litter.”

  11. When my youngest was a toddler he completely lost it for about 20 minutes while eating breakfast, because I told him it's pronounced "Costco" and not "Scoscos".

  12. So— never drink directly from the gallon of milk. You might get a surprise.

  13. Came to say basically this. Many of King’s novels have protagonists with addiction issues.

  14. I've fortunately never suffered from an addiction like presented in a lot of King's novels, but reading The Drawing of the Three in the dark tower series when I was young, and what Eddie experienced overcoming heroin addiction was an eye opener to naive teenage me.

  15. I am actually doing my first re-read of the Dark Tower series. Recently finished Drawing of the Three. Such a good one. Although my favorite will always be Wizard and Glass 😊

  16. It's time for me to re-read those. It was a many year process for me the first go 'round as the series wasn't finished. I think I would appreciate them a lot more now being significantly older.

  17. I just tried to do an exchange at lowes for a defective new item. But the price had just gone up by $20. So they refunded the original price, then tried to charge me the new higher price. They totally do not understand what an exchange is. My inner Larry David was about to come out.

  18. I've had sort of the opposite happen at both Lowes and home Depot. I got a 10% military discount at both stores, and whenever I have to return something, of I don't have the physical receipt (even though I have the emailed receipt) they insist on refunding me at the retail price. No matter how much I argue that I got a 10% discount when I bought it, they say they can't do anything about it and I make money. The worst was when I got a huge bulk discount on blow in insulation. I bought enough that I also got free equipment rental to put it in. I ended up using less than half of it (which did not qualify me for the bulk discount or rental) but when I brought it back they would only refund the insulation at retail no matter how much I argued the bulk price I paid, and I still got the free rental.

  19. I’ll take a deeper look into the 18-55mm, as it could provide more utility than the 16-55mm in the long run, given the cost saving too. It seems I need more consideration. I’m not getting the 50-140mm because it doesn’t have the range I want for wildlife photography.

  20. For what it's worth, I was in the same boat as you. Deliberating between those two same lenses. I am fortunate enought to have some fast primes though. I ended up finding 2 great deals on used 18-55 and a new 55-200, and spent what a 70-300 would have cost for both lenses. They cover most of what I need (shooting kids, landscapes, wildlife). I want a little more range, but for that am saving up for a 100-400, or maybe the 150-600 once it's released.

  21. I don't know if the x100v command dial is the same as the xt20, but I have an xt20 that had a similar issue. The wheel has small index grooves/notches milled into the face of it, then it is attached to the electric rotary dial with an adhesive like super glue. If it came unglued and managed to rotate out of the index marks, I imagine it would be stuck pretty good like that. To get to the electric board that houses the command dial took a lot of disassembly, but if you're handy with electronics it should be doable. But definitely don't attempt if you have any reservations. There's lots of ribbon cables in there. I would try to get the wheel to rotate and pull forward and so it fits back into the indexed locations. On my xt20 this was enough to be fully functional, I just had to keep upward pressure on the dial when spinning it or it would freewheel. I finally ended up taking it apart and regluing the wheel back into place.

  22. strange, don't have an account but works fine here...

  23. I recognize this isn't a place to get paper maps, but in your planning if you want an interactive map with public land and trails/roads/non-motorized routes, this is an excellent resource.

  24. Apparently disabled people aren't allowed relationships. Unless it's with another disabled person. Though they may have to be disabled the same way. Don't want to blur the line. Is there a Paralympic-style graph of grades of acceptable relationships? Do I need to print one out?

  25. Shit, what do I do? I wasn't disabled when we got married, but I am now. Is this grounds for annulment? After 16 years? Fuck, I had to give up my career and now my partner works full time while I take care of the kids... Is there abuse of power going on? Am... Am I... Am I being extorted? Reddit legal advice required. Someone please help!

  26. What’s a good every day lens for family photo shoots? Something not very expensive

  27. The XC kit lenses are inexpensive and very nice, they're also very light weight, which is extremely convenient. They do lack aperture rings, so you have to adjust aperture with the camera dial if you decide not to use auto mode, but not sounds like that's not an issue for you.also, at least on the XC 15-45, the zoomuses an electric motor, so it's smooth but a little slower. The XC 50-230 is a great budget telephoto lens.

  28. It took me a bit to figure out that the camera has to connect via Bluetooth before it'll connect via WiFi. And the camera has to have the correct Bluetooth device selected (anytime phone is reset it has to be redone). It's a bit clunky to setup, but now that I've figured it out it's pretty seemless for me. But I never use the auto transfer, only select images individually. I'm inherently lazy, so pulling out the laptop is too much work for me if I only want a few photos to post. But I'm only an enthusiast and there is no need for speed for me.

  29. I don't know what you could get out of your Nikon lenses, but the fringer lens adapter is usually north of $300. You can usually get a good condition Fuji Xf 100-400 on eBay for around $1000. Maybe that's not the way you want to go, but just a thought. As for the shorter range lenses; I have the xs10, and putting old DSLR lenses on it would be such a bummer because the camera body is small. With the proper mirrorless lenses it's a significantly smaller and lighter package. That has made all the difference for me coming from Pentax DSLRs. But I know what's nice for me isn't for everyone. And I didn't have any lenses to miss, or bring over, as I sold all my pentax gear before moving to Fuji.

  30. I could do that, but then I'd be left with just one lens instead of 6...

  31. Seems terribly reasonable. As a side note, may I recommend the viltrox lenses for a close look as well. They're a little bigger than some of Fuji's equivalents, as the design is also for Sony ff cameras, but they're inexpensive and very fast with great colors. I aquired a few in a bulk Fuji lens purchase. They are easily my most used lenses. The only real differences I've encountered in performance from my fujinon lenses is their size and the minimum focal distance isn't quite as close.

  32. For travel and primarily jpeg shooting, it's hard to beat the xs10. It's smaller, has a fantastic grip,and a dedicated dial for film simulation and 4 custom modes. Adjusting ss, aperture, and iso can also be done with the front and rear command dial very easily, they just don't have dedicated dials, so depending on if you're in M or A the thumb or front dial may adjust something a little different. That's super annoying for some people, but as a hobbiest I don't mind, I'm always watching my exposure meter and other info on the LCD or efv anyway. But I don't even have to think about it now.

  33. No to registration, but you do need to get an OHV sticker. You can get them at the DMV or most power sports dealers. Basically it helps pay for trail maintenance.

  34. To clarify, you can no longer get the ohv stickers at many dmvs, you must got to parks and rec, or just a vendor. A lot of Super 1 and sporting goods stores are vendors.

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