1. I have both, and the S rarely gets an the same updates as PS5/XsX

  2. Let's......Goooooo!!! 💥💥💥💥

  3. Legend here, playing off and on since day 1. Had gotten bored a bit, launched it up this weekend with friends for the first time in ages. Decided to attack a parked Reaper, sunk, then attacked another player...the most heart pounding excitement I've had in this game, maybe in all games,

  4. Maybe the dopest shit I've seen all week. Looks phenomenal

  5. The effects are pretty stoney with a huge sense of relaxation. Definitely not a daytime strain LOL. It’s knocked my anxiety right out and I’m just chilling in my comfy chair writing this hahaha. I’m assuming it’s snowball and astral destiny mixed together kind of how Klutch mixes their distillate?? I have no clue. I definitely recommend tho!

  6. I like how this went from the ray tracing poster child to maybe some day folks

  7. I smell a tasty treat from the freezer

  8. With the success of Goldeneye Remastered, the new Perfect Dark should look to the past. We have photo realistic FPS already, make it a 4k 120fps Ray Traced next gen N64 title. Same controls as Goldeneye Remastered

  9. Dynavap. I started with the Pax3, and the Dyna puts it to shame, in terms of hit volume

  10. Curious, what do you do with this, and what does 14 grams cost?

  11. I've done this with a hair straightener, just put it on top of a bowl... Could you take this straight to a rig, as is?

  12. This and their ICC belong on Ohio's strain Mt Rushmore

  13. Klutch is like Wonka, crazy stuff coming out all the time

  14. Really brings the whole room together

  15. These lamps are basically MADE for Phillips Hue bulbs. The Tokyo lightshow specifically would look amazing in this

  16. Oh no. Now I need to find a lotus lamp

  17. Right? Looks incredible in every Hue owner photo I've seen

  18. Toss ray tracing in...shoot...I'll mess around

  19. Their vision is focused on Game Pass and streaming, clear to see. It makes no sense to not continue to invest in this, get subscribers on add many devices as possible. Also, no R and D for new console hardware, which is always a loss leader

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