1. This final act fulfilled the cat's turn to the dark side, as it had been foretold

  2. People are super picky on this sub, but you can do much worse. Their Salty Watermelon strain is a really solid sativa in the program. Also had a SW luster pod that was also pretty decent.

  3. Also, Klutch is one of the better, more consistent brands we have. Their Orange 43, Ice Cream Cake, Sherbhead...all upper-to-top tier stuff. Certified carts can be nice, if/when they work.

  4. Alpha, Rita's escaped! Recruit a team of teenagers...with attitude!

  5. Nice! And of those two, which would you say uses RT best, if either?

  6. I think I might have been inspired by that same post! TBH, NEVER liked these tiles or look until I saw them lit with Hue. Where did you buy yours?

  7. I live in Dayton, curious to know as well

  8. Hot dang! Even if these weren't a rad collab, Stan Smith's are the quintessential summer shoe, and those colors are fantastic

  9. Sometimes I get so zooted off the stuff, I just have to laugh

  10. BR's Lime Sherbert broke my brain of THC superiority

  11. I took it as the opposite. No Ray Tracing on anything but static objects.

  12. Ultimately, sounds like the RT implementation will be focused, versus being fully ray traced. Again, before the downvotes, fully OK with whatever software wizardry is at work here, looks great

  13. Fully Ray traced is never gonna happen on these consoles outside of old or small games.

  14. For sure. I guess I just wish we didn't have to decipher different companies definitions of RT. Who knows, maybe On-Track RT really just means only the actual track is RT'ed. Uber literal

  15. We gotta quit over-using white wale. Neat find tho

  16. My biggest problem with the game for me is that every single time I fire it up, i Have to stock up my pirate ship, which takes time, and then start sailing. I get burned out by stocking up…and this game takes a long time to get going FOR ME, this is just personal gripe.

  17. FYI, you can buy full crates of stock now, drop on deck, ready to sail

  18. It's the best! I could argue that the prices for these crates is a lil steep, but I'm friggin pirate rich!!!

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