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  1. Agreed, Caitlyn too. Damn them for not being real

  2. I bet they’re watching a true crime documentary and Vi got bored and Caitlyn is trying to find out who the criminal is.

  3. Does anyone know the UK date release or have they not announced that yet?

  4. It looks weird, probably because I’m not used to it looking like that. Like what happened to the last o?

  5. man i've gotta make sure my @ is more visible so you can still read it after the art thieves run it through a jpg shredder and repost it in 144p

  6. I usually put my signature on somewhere with a lot of detail to it’ll be noticeable if they tried to rub it out. And you could try and make the signature really bright if it’s on a dark surface or dark if it’s not a bright surface to make it easier to see.

  7. They usually doing it for the karma, or they’re a repost bot. I’ve seen it happen a lot on

  8. This person has been reposting older posts on a lot of other subreddits.

  9. It's a matter of priorities. A computer is twice what a phone is, so just save for twice as long: EZ.

  10. But then you wouldn’t have a phone. What if you were in a life threatening situation and you needed to call the cops? You wouldn’t be able to because you wouldn’t have a phone on you to do so.

  11. A phone usually costs around £208 and a computer usually costs £400 to £1000.

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