1. I feel like I’m gonna get stick for this one, but mine was Death By A Thousand Cuts

  2. Someone once told me that my accent reminded them of Yorkshire puddings. It filled me with joy.

  3. Every photo I see of her just makes me want to get bangs… someone talk me off this ledge

  4. I’m sorry this is happening to. I work at a university and would encourage you to speak to your uni’s safeguarding team. They should be able to support you with speaking to the police and sfe when you’re ready to. I would hope you can get some mental health support too.

  5. Evermore: cowboy like me. I know, I know. I’ve just never liked it. Close runner up is exile from folklore. I think I’ve just grown out of it

  6. The ATW 10 min version production compared to the original one. Don’t get me wrong I still love it but the instrumentals in the original are sooo beautiful and the 10 min version just sounds like generic pop instrumentals to me

  7. I saw a video of this and the caption was “Taylor’s face 😭”. Honestly she looked shocked and like she was trying to pretend it was a good shock. This could have really thrown her off and upset her and I think the fans who have done it are incredibly insensitive (and creepy lol)

  8. I scream “ok bye” at mine and he comes running 😂

  9. I visited yellowstone national park last year and walked around a geyser screaming this song, much to the confusion of the other tourists

  10. Na Im going to the second night in Halifax cos my pals didn’t wanna do a second night 😂

  11. Im obsessed with all of the folklore dresses. I’m with you on the rep outfit

  12. I always think of the national when I hear this line, it feels like such a nod to them!

  13. I feel similarly, so I’m going to share how I feel about it.

  14. A raffle isn’t in the spirit of RSD and I’m surprised they were even allowed to do that. It’s always been first come first served

  15. It’s unlikely there’ll be any left to sell online tbh

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