1. I had to stop buying terped distillate from cannaclear The SERVM they put in it is what makes it harsh. It causes a specific type of harshness and cough that you can feel if you terp your own distillate with the same terpenes (mass terpenes) and then do a side by side comparison.

  2. Damn man.......Its not worth it. You get what you pay for. It justifies what Harbor City charges.

  3. Its a terpene that taste very sweet. Its usually in pineapple strains like pineapple upside down cake, so it must taste really good!

  4. i wonder if i can buy that disposable empty, and refill it?

  5. thc derived from hemp is not the same as thc from the actual cannabis plant.

  6. wait the whole 1 mississippi second it takes for the "ramp up time" on the coil

  7. Depends on tolerance tbh. I’m at the level right now where 70mg is what I need. Otherwise it takes me between 30-90min to feel it, and usually 2h to fully feel it.

  8. its meant to fool the non users. just smoke it yo lolol

  9. It says “strain specific” then proceeds to never mention any strain. And “terpines”?? Lmao I bet the smoke shop owner made these in the back room

  10. what do you mean it says on the package "Strawberry Sensation" is the strain LOLOL

  11. That’s definitely just a flavor description. There’s OG Strawberry, Strawberry Cough, Sergeant Strawberry, Strawberry Mac, etc … never once seen or heard of a “strawberry sensation” lmao

  12. yes, that was the joke. there is no strawberry sensation strain LOLOL

  13. I was wondering how tall you were.165 sits different on 4'11 vs 5'11 and thc binds to fat cells. If you have very little body fat there is very little for thc to cling to in your system and you will test at lower levels overall.

  14. Jack herer is the best weed I've ever smoked. It's so hard to find though. I stopped smoking d8 because of headache and just smoked the real stuff. D8 doesn't give you headache?

  15. if you like jack herer, try Sour Suver Haze. its a hemp strain thats very close to jack herer

  16. The metal sealing lids were so much better to work with than the white "foam"? lid in these plastic caps. i just spent 20 minutes cleaning up the ridiculousness from trying to peel it off

  17. geez......i noticed that too about the lids, just never had anything flake off in to my jar though......smh

  18. I've only bought this twice (2.83g) for similar reasons. First time it was scraggly, stemmy tiny buds but was very sedative. Next time the nugs looked fairly better (kinda like ones in OP pic) but wasn't sedative at all and had half the terps. Both times it smelled good but not close to that super pungent pine smell like well grown/cured NL I smoked years ago had. Once they dial it in, I think I will be a regular customer.

  19. this reason i why i wish someone else would just grow northern lights.

  20. I wasnt impressed at all. I have a jar of it thats 24% and the terpene profile barely feels like jack herer. Its strong, but i cant feel the northern lights in it at all.....its what gives jack herer its body feeling. Every vape i've purchased has had this aspect, but not the flower........oh well

  21. All the matter i have got beside the gelato cake is garbage. Bland smell.no taste no high.. but hopefully they stepped it up

  22. last time i had durban poison from matter it was the same way.

  23. anybody with MAC that doesnt have terpinolene as a prominent terpene has either

  24. it has practically no terpinolene in it for being half grand daddy purp and half durban poison. I dont know if Farkas intentionally crafted a phenotype like this. it seems to be missing from alot of strains that should have it in the ohio program, like its been bred out of all the strains or something. I've had it as live resin from michigan what Farkas is offering has gotta be a phenotype

  25. a Budtender was telling me about a technique u can do to infuse terpenes into flower. Changing the strain essentially.

  26. im so glad i didnt buy this fucking thing..... i bought an actual electric skateboard instead.

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