1. It says “strain specific” then proceeds to never mention any strain. And “terpines”?? Lmao I bet the smoke shop owner made these in the back room

  2. what do you mean it says on the package "Strawberry Sensation" is the strain LOLOL

  3. That’s definitely just a flavor description. There’s OG Strawberry, Strawberry Cough, Sergeant Strawberry, Strawberry Mac, etc … never once seen or heard of a “strawberry sensation” lmao

  4. yes, that was the joke. there is no strawberry sensation strain LOLOL

  5. I was wondering how tall you were.165 sits different on 4'11 vs 5'11 and thc binds to fat cells. If you have very little body fat there is very little for thc to cling to in your system and you will test at lower levels overall.

  6. Jack herer is the best weed I've ever smoked. It's so hard to find though. I stopped smoking d8 because of headache and just smoked the real stuff. D8 doesn't give you headache?

  7. if you like jack herer, try Sour Suver Haze. its a hemp strain thats very close to jack herer

  8. The metal sealing lids were so much better to work with than the white "foam"? lid in these plastic caps. i just spent 20 minutes cleaning up the ridiculousness from trying to peel it off

  9. geez......i noticed that too about the lids, just never had anything flake off in to my jar though......smh

  10. I've only bought this twice (2.83g) for similar reasons. First time it was scraggly, stemmy tiny buds but was very sedative. Next time the nugs looked fairly better (kinda like ones in OP pic) but wasn't sedative at all and had half the terps. Both times it smelled good but not close to that super pungent pine smell like well grown/cured NL I smoked years ago had. Once they dial it in, I think I will be a regular customer.

  11. this reason i why i wish someone else would just grow northern lights.

  12. I wasnt impressed at all. I have a jar of it thats 24% and the terpene profile barely feels like jack herer. Its strong, but i cant feel the northern lights in it at all.....its what gives jack herer its body feeling. Every vape i've purchased has had this aspect, but not the flower........oh well

  13. All the matter i have got beside the gelato cake is garbage. Bland smell.no taste no high.. but hopefully they stepped it up

  14. last time i had durban poison from matter it was the same way.

  15. anybody with MAC that doesnt have terpinolene as a prominent terpene has either

  16. it has practically no terpinolene in it for being half grand daddy purp and half durban poison. I dont know if Farkas intentionally crafted a phenotype like this. it seems to be missing from alot of strains that should have it in the ohio program, like its been bred out of all the strains or something. I've had it as live resin from michigan what Farkas is offering has gotta be a phenotype

  17. a Budtender was telling me about a technique u can do to infuse terpenes into flower. Changing the strain essentially.

  18. OCL has Thin Mint GSC, cookies is my fav strain and this one def hit the spot, sweet minty and gassy. It has that classic rush of hybrid effects too.

  19. ppl that want real girlscout cookies dont want those phenotypes

  20. im so glad i didnt buy this fucking thing..... i bought an actual electric skateboard instead.

  21. you gotta heat the coil up and watch the inner white element become soaked with distillate and turn a saturated color. you can set it on a mug warmer, with a silicone pad between so things dont get too hot but keep an eye on the white cylinder inside and watch it become fully saturated with distillate. then ur good to go. and when you start vaping you wanna hold the button for 1 whole mississippi second to let the coil heat up fully before taking a pull so you dont dry out the coil from insta-hitting it

  22. I went back to the CBD shop i bought that cart from and complained to them about the taste and they agreed....its rough

  23. I just ordered that from 3 chi. It was God awful, no effect at all.

  24. yes, i agree, pineapple express from 3Chi was my very first delta 8 cart before i knew what botanical terpenes were. and it tasted like a straight up peppercorn, and it made me go on a crusade looking for delta8 that didnt taste like pepper, then i learned what botanical terpenes were......all because of that awful pepper tasting pineapple express cart LOL. If that thing still tastes like pepper that means 3Chi hasnt bothered to evolve their botanical terpenes to mask the blatant pepper taste that comes from caryophyllene.

  25. This is one of those times where we would all cheer for Captain Planet to show up an destroy the corporations that think this practice is safe and acceptable.

  26. For Christ sake there is nothing unsafe about this machine. Stop spreading fear promoting propaganda.

  27. The machine is totally unsafe. Chances are you are complete talking out of your ass on behalf of the corporations looking to profit off of this machine.

  28. they need to, and show all these other greedy dispensaries how much to actually charge for EVERYTHING

  29. last Klutch pod I had was WhipIt and whatever thinning agent they use they've gotten heavy on and its creating tightness, if not damn near a lump in my throat when i vape it. I heard they thin these out with CBD as well, but CBD in distillate doesnt cause that side effect unless its unholy cbd.

  30. the thc is waaaaaay too high.gives me a THC headache.those terps would feel awesome if the bud was 21.5% like SERIOUSLY!i wish Klutch and Riviera would stop hiking up the THC content and start catering to the terpene development.

  31. There are plenty of other strains for you to buy with a low thc count... They dont need to lower the count. Go to POW and get their Cindy which is 12% and cost $35 bucks a half. That might be good for you all who can't handle high thc.

  32. they need to focus on what makes one strain feel different from another and thats NOT thc.....its terpenes.

  33. It could be that strain. I had Mint Julep from BR and it is quite possibly the worst strain of weed i've ever had in my entire life. The smell of burning back yard leaves is more appealing to inhale. I cringe at the thought of what the cart tastes like, but i bet i wouldnt be able to tell if the coil is burnt off rip because the strain is that awful.

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