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  1. Hey! We have an out of the box solution for this that tracks inventory as well as food quality control and manufacturing. There's also additional benefit of having sales channels and sourcing built in. It is on the expensive side of the typical range but it is highly tested by multiple companies in the industry.

  2. Personally I can recommend you Peter Thiel's advices on creating a so called Monopoly

  3. Can try but guessing it'll be too expensive :/

  4. Slack and Microsoft teams offer free tier. They've got limitations but you can study which ones you are okay with. If you don't share any personal or sensitive data among your messages then Discord is your best bet.

  5. Yeah it's been buggy like this and slow this evening

  6. Why not use Stripe's built in payment pages for your customers?

  7. To understand correctly, are you looking for a URL and port redirect service?

  8. Man I had to scroll really far to find this. Yes! Freezie Pops!! (From New Orleans)

  9. Hey! I do just that -- build lightning speed story telling websites with no monthly fees. I do this using the modern technology leveraging static sites which doesn't incur hosting costs for my end clients.

  10. The last few jumps where he kept going low and suddenly went higher and higher, were pretty unexpected!

  11. Why not just manually send the bill after the meeting?

  12. We may have hundreds of meetings a week. It needs to be automated:)

  13. Gotcha! Someone did ask a relatively similar question and I recommended them to checkout a Zapier automation for Zoom

  14. In the words of a YouTuber I found amusing "java is a boilerplate language for writing instant legacy code" 😆

  15. The best way to get rid of an enemy is to make a friend.

  16. What are your priorities when looking for the designer and dev? What's most important between these: timeline, quality, speed, budget

  17. My friend has a service to send physical marketing mails. Let me know if you need his referral.

  18. Get a patent if it's an innovation of a patentable product. Publish a research paper if it's not patentable but still significant finding or research. If it's neither, then get trade secrets, IP agreements and NDAs. I'm not a lawyer.

  19. If you have an SSN then it shouldn't take long with the fax. I heard it is 2-8 days but could be longer.

  20. People have posted about this a couple of times and mods don't care about complains here.

  21. It's a fantastic question to re-ask your manager if you're concerned. Not sure what you're expecting by asking it here where nobody is familiar with your company policy and practice

  22. What are you looking to provide in terms of value?

  23. We are a neobank and issue credit cards, so we want users to be able to automatically replace their old card with our card at merchants like Amazon, Walmart, Uber etc.

  24. Is it for physical locations or online? If online then where it is -- web browser, phone app, tv, smartwatch?

  25. Online, apps and websites would be ideal.

  26. I'll need a little more information. Is this switch happening from the user side from their computers/phones, or happening somewhere on the merchant side. It looks like other comments are mistaking it for "card on file" which is different than replacing cards on the user side for payments to merchants.

  27. I'm interested to hear more about your solution -- can I PM you with detail of what I'm looking to accomplish?

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