1. I do it mostly because the hygiene aspect, but also a tiny bit because if I have to lift a seat to use the toilet then everyone should. I'm petty.

  2. I wouldn't say a fool, but he believed that his worldview was shared by most because it was just and right. He was kind enough to not look down on most people, and that's why he was so blindsided.

  3. Congratulations, man! It may mean little coming from internet stranger #47, but I'm proud of you.

  4. Depends. Did I have anything to do with that person needing a kidney? In an abortion, usually there is some willing choice involved with the person who is having to bear the children 'against their will.' The fact that their will is involved in the procreative act is extremely important. On the flipside, this is why there is a good case for exceptions in instances of rape or incest because the person bearing the child had no will in it.

  5. People who engage in consensual sex are responsible for the outcomes of their actions on a wide variety of fronts, not just possible pregnancy. It's not a punishment at all. It's certainly not a punishment for consensual sex. Killing a baby would be punishment to it for doing nothing wrong.

  6. In the exception case is it less of a murder or less of a baby?

  7. One time I saw Tony Stark at a grocery store in Los Angeles. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything.

  8. Another thing to remember is how scarce information was. Hell, less than 100 years ago, people would travel for miles to stuff like the world's fair, and the exhibit would be a fountain that had lights and made noise. Common points of reference needed to be simple things like person, sheep, fish, etm.

  9. With all due respect to Mr. Bowlin, I have been authorized by my client Gummi School Snacks to give the following statement.

  10. The literal gallows were... figurative? The prop gallows were a threat, yes. Thought the Right had blue collar folks that knew their way around a screwdriver. Did you see those things? You could not have hung a Pomeranian on them they were so poorly made.

  11. Probably poor wording on my part, they imply that the chanting was not to be taken literally and the gallows weren't a threat and simply a "common protest symbol." I guess being poorly constructed does sort of lean toward their interpretation.

  12. That guy is a total piece of shit, he's streaming the hostage situation. In his head forcing the repeat loop is a win because he's happy to keep doing it and can't be stopped. He "won" and the other guy should just surrender. This is the dumbest thing that has made me angry today.

  13. Meet cute isn't enough to describe this. That was a meet adorable.

  14. The first bit is well put and I believe an accurate assessment. It lost me in the second bit though. It presents the train of thought in a way that seems like rational defense/only logical way one could act. People do stuff they disagree with to keep the peace all the time, we call that basic respect and decency. Their example takes it as a given this person doesn't need to and in fact is "incorrectly" labeled as not respecting the people they are refusing to give respect to. Also a given is that this stance is both benign and worth hedging on while also insignificant enough that any opposition to the view is clearly just "radical edge cases".

  15. I don't think OP is saying the anti-trans person doesn't NEED to accept a belief that makes them uncomfortable; OP is saying that's WHY they often retreat into full-blown transphobia. And I think it's an important point.

  16. Right I wasn't arguing with their assessment of the beliefs of the individual you and I agree on the relatability of the mindset and the rational way in which one could reach these conclusions. I struggle to express my thoughts without sounding combative it's something I work on.

  17. You and I have the same consumer profile! I haven't heard any either. Did you also get that one with the smug host that was like "most people are too dumb and uncool for this podcast"? I hated that one so much.

  18. Does he start with how he's 'forced' to do the ad and mention Joe Rogan and sports? Used to get that one all the time, but thankfully it's recently disappeared from my ad selection.

  19. That's the one. It's been a while for me as well. Now it's like the op said; exorcism, the one about stalin's daughter, and the poc specific conspiracy theory one.

  20. I don't think I get this one, I understand being disillusioned with Christianity but I don't think it makes sense for some of y'all to like think its morally wrong for these ads to exist? edit: don't really get the downvotes i didnt say anything offensive, I just made a point from a different perspective

  21. You can hate something on the basis of things other than morality. I hate bread and butter pickles because they are sweet when I am expecting sour. I don't have a moral stance on flavor.

  22. Bonus YSK the stop showing me this ad option means dick-all if the ad buy is big enough.

  23. Thinking about it I would say the ranges would be X: predictable to unpredictable and Y: in your control to outside of your control. So you have :

  24. In 50 years when the clothes and hairstyle are outdated and synonymous with old people it will be an amusing photo.

  25. Silly question... Why would anyone not want to give children free meals in school if the funds were available?

  26. I saw someone post who was there while it was being debated, they said the 3 main arguments were:

  27. If you want the roll to succeed don't ask for it, just say "that works".

  28. I always enjoy when the guests tell on themselves by reacting to the AKAs like "oh wow! I didn't know you guys open every single episode like this".

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