1. I think I know what he means. When you go somewhere that has a lot of air-conditioning and you're not used to it then it hurts your throat for the first few days.

  2. when i was in the US it was extreme. from 40+ degrees dry texan heat into 20 degrees cooled store and back out. got sick almost immediately

  3. You should come to Houston in the summer and try extremely humid heat to dry, cold store interior.

  4. had some of that in new orleans. that was insane too

  5. i thought if you get all 5 kims on the field you automatically win the duel

  6. this wc everyone who takes off their offensive players immediately concedes

  7. bruh in terms of banter this thread is severely disappointing

  8. Name three good English basketball players

  9. bruh dafuq is stevie wonder doing on the dutch bench

  10. the two most dangerous brazilian things are a neymar in good form and two guys on a scooter stopping next to you

  11. cmon canada give drake another team to shamelessly attach himself to as a "fan"

  12. I gotta shit so bad and they putting 6 mins on the clock

  13. is this the first french team without an eccentric star who will jeopardize his teams succes with unnecessary temper tantrums? sure they got mboopie but i don’t think anyone is seriously afraid of donatello

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