1. Yeah, I didnt say you wanted them to die. Just how twiested everyone gets is ridiculous in proportion to what happened. If shit bugs you this much, idk why you waste time with Ethan. But hey, do what you want, its your life.

  2. Yea, ik I was being hyperbolic and i can't be a critic and like watching h3

  3. Too many of these so called critics that supposedly like h3, frenemies was a mistake

  4. You do understand that some girls like rough sex? Idk if you’ve ever been laid before but it’s a thing. There are numerous chains of texts between him and his girls that you failed to consider which reveal just that- he likes rough sex and so do the girls that he has sex for in a recreational fashion. So, please look at all sides of this multifaceted case before you jump the gun. Bye.

  5. Yea you definitely don't look crazy sending me two different responses on one post.

  6. Cool. Any rebuttals? Start with that.

  7. I just hope the same people that laugh at the R Kelly America song aren’t the ones also complaining about this

  8. You already know 😂 I hate JordanP, I truly do, but I can’t stop thinking how exceptionally right he was about H3.

  9. I know I'm replying twice, but do you think it matters to the victim that it happened 30 years ago? What about her friends and family? Her husband? Her kids? Do you think all of those people are cool with him now because "time heals all wounds", or is it still pretty fresh?

  10. Most Ppl don't care and only this charitable because the convicted person is famous

  11. It's hard to play well when you get pulled for a whole week for making 1 mistake in a game. While Lamb makes the same mistakes and play 20+.smh

  12. This is the "all lives matter" argument. The difference is there is current systemic racism and long history of brutal racism towards black people. This is not the same case for white people, no history of oppression and no current systemic racism. Meaning, white racism doesn't exist in the same way black racism exists and saying everything is equal is lowering the value of social movement to end black racism. Saying the C word is not equal to saying the N word, it is stupid.

  13. They will just call you a racist and downvote you but yes, racism goes beyond just name calling and what hasan said was true.

  14. Can you give us some examples of Destiny being bad-faith and uncharitable towards Hasan?

  15. I feel bad for DDV, dude has been balling and this team is still mad struggling. At least he’s playing his way into a nice payday.

  16. Imagine Bane's mercenaries and the militia against batman and GCPD. Shit would be real

  17. Nah, Gotham is entirely dependent on the tax of Wayne enterprise . He basically owns the jail and the police force.

  18. Why does Robert Downey Jr get a pass on this? The world's most inoffensive blackface and then iron man.

  19. If it's a choice then ion think that counts as being an incel. It just means you're not bothered to get pussy.

  20. The amount of empty wasted space is astounding

  21. Those metal plates look pretty heavy though, and even without them the design looks overly busy to me.

  22. ....it's a game based from a comic book...... based on a super human in "Peak Shape"

  23. No, I love knight aa much as the next mfer but the batmobile was over utilized to holy hell.

  24. I wonder how Americans citizens can get the bar of what's acceptable to start rising again. Cos at this point it's on the floor. I think everybody just needs to forget about their party lines and just agree that, at the very least, either party needs to have a higher standard. It should be the politicians beholden to everybody.

  25. What happened to the fresh and fit subreddit I haven’t seen that in awhile? Do these guys make legit content or was this fake… The “text messages” look like a word doc my 7 y/o brother could have made up

  26. Dude☹️☹️ the text msgs are recreated but the voice msg where he said "I love it more when you didn't like it"

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