1. Just read on Telegram that Germany authorised Leopard 1s to be sent. What about 2s? Did they walk back or it’s in addition to those? If it’s only 1s and not 2s it’s good news for Russia. Because as far as i understand Leopards 1 is inferior to even T 72, and Russia has at least hundreds of T 90s of different modifications, including the ones that were sent like 2 weeks ago straight from upgrading

  2. There’s some peace summit or something tomorrow right? Will anything come of it you think?

  3. I’m seeing rumors that USA will send Ukraine 150 KM long range rockets in the new aid package, that will be announced Friday. This will go over well. Russians on the border should move

  4. It was always coming in 2023. Here’s a recent Apple Press Release confirming it’s coming this year.

  5. Pretty sure it's been leaked and everyone just assumes it's a fake / fan edit etc.

  6. It’s been edited by fans to resemble it. There’s no TWBA except the QT print anywhere

  7. Again. I am pretty sure the real copy has leaked and everyone just assumes it's a fan edit.

  8. You can assume whatever lol. It’s not gonna change the truth

  9. David Simon, Terrence Winter, David Milch, Aaron Sorkin

  10. The Sopranos easy. Breaking Bad isn’t even the best AMC show. That would be Mad Men.

  11. It still hurts. More so because the show doesn't exist to be watched in any format (even pirates don't have it).

  12. Didn’t listen yet, but just want to say, that i don’t understand this whole “AI is killing artists”. Like i get it in theory, but I just don’t understand why people care so much? Sooner or later some jobs get obsolete. It’s not happening here, but i don’t see a problem with someone doing a cover for their book through AI art, rather than shelling out hundreds of dollars for an artist

  13. This show has what I think may be an American first in prime time.

  14. Luck on HBO. Also created by David Milch. Great dialogue and characters. Directed by Michael Mann

  15. Help me with piracy. Do you have any links? Actually its a bit too expensive for me.

  16. I saw it. And Cannibal Holocaust. And Anthropophagous. And read Edward Lee. Like i said, i like disturbing stuff

  17. Lol. I saw enough bodies since February, thank you very much

  18. I think the comic was better and show is a pale and tame imitation

  19. The comic is an unsubtle, edgelord mess like everything else Ennis has done.

  20. That’s what makes it good. And Ennis is a great writer

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