That episode was a 10 for me.

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  1. Because love can become an idol. If you put your love of a human above your love for God and His Commandments, it becomes sin.

  2. Skarbrand would probably do it. I think those are the only holey wings in the size you’d need.

  3. That's def an idea, only problem is finding a kit nowadays. And the wings don't have to be hole-y out of the box, I can do that myself.

  4. Do you have access to a 3d printer? You could/find someone to resize a viable candidate for your project.

  5. I wanna know more about the guy who was going HAM on his flute during the orchestra section!

  6. It wasn't even a bad episode. This sub is just full of people who kneel to their own mindless hate.

  7. You're completely ignoring the part of my comment that shows that pro-life people obviously do care enough to help support women in crisis pregnancies.

  8. 40% is a minority. So the majority of women who have abortions aren't primarily worried about finances. That said, 40% is still a substantial amount, but it can be reasonably explained by the fact that many women are lied to about the help that's available to them outside of abortion; just so the abortion industry can make a profit. If anything, this statistic argues that pro-life organizations should be redoubling their efforts to aid women, not ceasing them.

  9. If I had a dollar for every time someone misinterpreted the cyberpunk genre as an ideal, I could buy Arasaka.

  10. Yes. I found the mod that was causing the problem and fixed it :)

  11. Can you tell me what mod caused that? Thank you very much.

  12. It was one that extends the text conversations you can have with romance partners. I think it can be caused by any mod that changes or adds text in the game.

  13. Yes! It took a minute for me to understand what the tea was exactly but when it clicked, whoa.

  14. The classic argument of "Sabaton are Nazis/nationalists/racists/fascists/Christian fanatics/right wing".

  15. You say Christian fanatic and right wing as if those are bad things

  16. It was dumb and kinda trashy, but in the end it's a tiny clip from a show I have no investment in beyond hoping I don't have to watch it to understand the new Daredevil show.

  17. Wendigoon is a great channel if you're interested in that sort of thing!

  18. My only real gripe about Black Panther was Klaue's death. Should've just had him lose another body part or get thrown into a Wakandan prison or something...

  19. He died as part of T'Challa's origin story in the comics, but got resurrected. He's coming back 100%

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