1. Existential crisis of some type. Maybe a long vacation from work may help.

  2. Don’t you think the professional analysts at Amex have already considered the options and decided that despite some complaints, the way they run the program is the most optimal for profits?

  3. Remember publicly traded companies rarely think more then one or two quarters in advance. I think most of them get a lot of things wrong some of the time. Thats why earnings vary. There is this popular misconception that because a company is large it has already considered all options and solutions. Really most of them are just large bureaucracies moving on inertia. Thats why the size factor works in investing.

  4. Certainly they’d change things more drastically if people started dumping the card en mass.

  5. True, but they also dont necessarily think far enough in advance to see when that could happen or when corporate handouts to attract new customers are setting them up for failure.

  6. Oooh good warning, I have a trip coming up too and since its basically free I added myself and my +1. Wish it was at my airport though. It will be a good free year even though I will likely have the CS Platinum instead by then and may or may not make sense to renew at the higher rate.

  7. Not worth $1 a week, maybe $25 a year. Maybe. It contains little actionable info.

  8. What do you want? Go to the store, eggs are down 25%?

  9. News that makes a difference to me or that can help me make a decision. NY Times never has that.

  10. 100% true. If I were rebalancing now I would do 1/2 hedged (IE two ETF's, one hedged and one not with 50:50 allocation). Mostly because fed still hiking but slowing down.

  11. algo which changes over time based on bank credit goals and users credit rating and or payment history is most likely. For example i had the platinum 150k and early in the month the gold 75 but spend little in general monthly on either.

  12. User data of Hilton Hotels have been put on sale on a dark web forum. A forum user under the alias IntelBroker has offered a database of 3.7 million users belonging to the Hilton Hotels Honors program.  

  13. it happens with abilify for sure, i have not used cariprazine long enough to guage it but if it has similar affinity my guess is that it also would

  14. When August rolls around I am going to look elsewhere...the question is what to replace it with as it is my go to travel card.

  15. I had this issue with WalmartPlus and had to ask AMEX to do a merchant block. Even though WalmartPlus is a “free”, I was getting multiple monthly subscription charges per month even after canceling and deleting my credit card info from Walmart.

  16. You are not the only one. Its why I dont bother on my platinum, too many sub horror stories.

  17. Ok so thats likely an in demand flight (because vacation travel). Given the length I think $500 to $600 is reasonable. Would be less in early summer shoulder season. It does not mean you would find that rate, thats just what I would look for in upgrade price as a "deal" so to speak

  18. Flight is in August on a A333. Asking price right now to upgrade to D1 is $965.

  19. Up to you, to me not worth >$100 an hr. People try for late vacation before school starts so maybe thats it. I do imagine thats a popular route given it beats stopping in LA. I still would not pay that personally. I would see it as saving half a days work.

  20. If you only have low ball cash sweep options (not fidelity or schwab obviously) than another option for your brokerage is to wait until just post distribution date and buy SGOV for the 4.1% yield going forward (which adjusts up with the fed rates). Just an option if your broker does not have good cash sweep. Do wait until just a day post payout if you do this that way you can sell out pretty much whenever and atleast not have wash sale to worry if you want to get back in.

  21. My approach is similar but I've yet to find compelling evidence for TOVA/Qb or any computerized test (a CPT is what it is, whic has some but limited value.) I'd be curious to see citations if you have them.

  22. I have over a dozen on a work folder but am traveling for the next 2 weeks. Check pubmed, there are numerous easy to find references. Quite a bit of evidence and 30 years of studies on functional attention testing.

  23. Interesting. I go through a fair number of skymiles a year (maybe 150,000 to 200,000) so for me this would be worth 21K to 30K skymiles which is decent. I may have to look into this card. Still does not mean it is worth it so will have to run the numbers, definitely worth it first year of course. My worry is its not across the board. Would make the card more worth looking into for me (has not been so far).

  24. These kinds of services really do just feel like scams. Get a password manager, and use dual authentication when needed. That's the best way to protect yourself.

  25. Beyond that just turn off your credit bureau's via lock or freeze. Way better protection and can just unlock or unfreeze when needed.

  26. an insurance and identity theft product that used to be better than free stuff but not so much anymore other than insurance part. Most people say no.

  27. The joys of travel, none of the tech works as its supposed too. This is actually the primary reason I can see to keep a Platinum card open, most of the other networks are pretty shoddy implementation. Sorry this happened to you, it never should, I feel like this is the state of travel these days though.

  28. Yeah I didn’t understand them denying me when I clearly had a confirmation as well as ID and a credit card. Even if there was some misunderstanding, did it really hurt them to just go ahead and let me in?

  29. There is a vast and growing customer service deficit in the travel industry and restaurant / hospitality industry in general. Everyone has differing opinions as to the cause. Its probably multifactorial.

  30. Why the fascination with this on this board. Its interesting but why does it matter?

  31. So it depends if you want more MR rather than skymiles and the free bag. Yes to get into delta lounge just show AMEX platinum and your boarding app (delta does not care how you paid for the ticket). Make sure you remember to use the companion fare when applicable on the Delta Platinum.

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