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  1. OP, I’m dying to know whether the original photo was posted with the censors or without.

  2. Lol the heart was part of the post. I did not add it

  3. PLEASE tell me the censoring comes from OOP and not OP!!

  4. 1928 7915 5290 would love the chance!

  5. 1928 7915 5290 ivegotaids4lyfe

  6. 1928 7915 5290 ivegotaids4lyfe

  7. Hey man I had this problem check “family bell” and see if it shows there Profile -> assistant settings -> family bell

  8. The Purrlion was from the highlight hour

  9. It’s part of the October content release. I believe through the 5-10 but some people got them today. (I could be wrong on dates)

  10. You just added me and all I can say is thank you!!!!! Got shiny!!!!

  11. Go into the google home app on your phone, go to routines, and adjust that one.

  12. It’s not in the routines either

  13. It has to be; that's where routines (like this) are stored. If you're not seeing it under routines, then you're either not looking at the Routines view, or you are not signed into the correct account.

  14. It was a “family bell” not a routine

  15. We use hello brand watermelon. We tag team teeth time. Someone is usually showing a picture book or distracting her with a toy. It’s a simple trick but it works for us.

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