1. I've been getting a lot of feedback on the model, and I already have some changes in mind. I'll try to post it tomorrow along with all the pieces.

  2. The arms have very limited range of motion and stick out almost scare crow esk. Otherwise it holds well and is possible on studs and even sits! I’m mulling over how to improve the arms for further range of motion

  3. You could potentially run a bar through the body and connect the arms to it that way. Though they’d only have one axis of rotation

  4. Paulie survived because he was capable enough to keep around (think why Tony spared him on the boat), but not high up enough to be a target like Silvio or Bobby.

  5. You can get it, new and sealed in box, for like $20 more than it was new at retail.

  6. That Rick torso + leg combination is so perfect I initially thought it was a custom print!

  7. Who even uses UberEats, Door Dash, etc. anymore? I order an $8 fast food meal and somehow I’m out $22.

  8. Someone with the financial resources to purchase it will, by definition, not have decent morals or ethics

  9. See you next week at the 5th annual Arrowhead Inventational, Bengos.

  10. Allens been my #2 for a while but starting to think Burrow might be better

  11. Can... do they offer that for adults?

  12. I would buy the sets myself and toss em in my backpack and take em out there. The area by the carnivorous plants has some tables for building.

  13. You are wonderful. Thank you for this!

  14. No problem! Might I recommend some of the botanical sets to build? Seems appropriate haha. They’ve got sunflowers, roses, daffodils and some really neat larger sets (that may be more difficult to move around)

  15. His whole deal with Jaws 4 is hilarious. He wasn't present in person to receive his first Academy Award because he was too busy filming it. And he agreed to do the movie after reading only the first line of the script. It was:

  16. He says exactly this in his autobiography: "[The film] will go down in my memory as the time when I won an Oscar, paid for a house and had a great holiday. Not bad for a flop movie."

  17. I would imagine they’d at the very least get some Avatar stipend on top of free housing

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