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  1. I got my son one for Christmas 🎄. He told my wife he's going to beat her this summer

  2. Damn man tell him to take it easy. Violence isn’t the answer

  3. My first Discmania FD3 in C line plastic. Still have it as my go to fh driver

  4. He's climbing in your window Snatching your people up Trying to rape them So hide your kids Hide your wife

  5. I've thrown it. I don't love the feel, but I don't hate the flight. If you throw it with a 4 speed amount of power, it's got a bit more fade than you would expect. From an 0, 1.

  6. Appreciate it! I got one in an auction site yesterday for $15 so time will tell if it's back on the market lol

  7. Serious question: what percentage of nursing graduates are still in the field 10 years after graduation? I bet this number would blow you over.

  8. I bet you you're right. I know 2 people alone who quit as it just was a death sentence for them mentally

  9. And then quit/got fired in a very controversial and hush hush affair that involved people signing NDAs.

  10. What about the nazis in Ukraine? Nothing to say about that?

  11. Well I hope he takes that criticism and gives the public servants who are close to striking the contract they deserve.

  12. Yes me too! The rest of the player pack was a bit of a let down but the mug is unreal!

  13. https://m.facebook.com/groups/122606378413216/permalink/1033575520649626/

  14. I know the owner is a farmer , so I'm sure he'll have some good ideas

  15. Please stay away from the Emergency Room if you don't have an emergency!

  16. Rumor is one of the Kember family got the contract, botched it bad and lost most of the money. Now he owes the province and city millions. Not sure if true, but heard from a fair amount of people in Summerside.

  17. False, that Kember member was building the new seniors unit behind Superstore, government had to step in and take it over due to extensive delays and quality issues. I would think if he bid on the old manor development that they would ignore his bid.

  18. I’ve never been disc golfing but really want to try - does Rose Valley rent disc(s)?

  19. They plan on it soon but you can borrow from a public library or if you're coming to the event, we'll have some to borrow! You can message me if you'd like the registration link

  20. I am fairly certain that Barnone does currently rent out discs for RV. They have a bunch of “rental disc”-stamped Buzzzes.

  21. Oh that's great. I knew they were planning on it, but wasn't sure if it was done yet.

  22. It’s troubling to me that not even a social worker/psychologist/woman’s shelter volunteer/special victim’s officer was available or obtained to at least counsel her through the night and help.

  23. I wonder a lot if this is a plan all along by the Higgs Government to put in more privatized health care. Let it free fall until we beg for it. So dumb

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