1. Body & Mind make this also, they call it turbo.

  2. Just saw on their website it's 20% for indigent and veterans.

  3. Should be the same as the Firelands dispensary in Huron, The Landing is a Firelands dispensary.

  4. has anyone tried their wax? was thinking about trying some soon

  5. I feel like concentrates are a gamble from them, too many times I have gotten jars with product leaking past the seal and into the lid.

  6. I had a luster once. I don't do alot of vaping, but it was good. I love their concentrates so far, I've loved thier delta shift, wax, and diamonds n sauce.

  7. Their live resin lusters with their lower wattage battery do the trick for me.

  8. The NYC Flo live resin lusters are delicious!!!!

  9. The dispensary cannot add days back to your registry, they don’t have anywhere near that sort of power; that would be up to the state. I would contact that state board hotline.

  10. I've had days returned by a manager at a dispensary.

  11. Do I consider it acceptable? No not at all. Is there much you can do to control how companies and dispensaries store the product? Also no. Depending on how much has leaked out contact the company and maybe they'll refund you.

  12. I just feel that it being on the lid is OK if it's just on the jar side , but when it gets in between the seal and the lid the jar wasn't sealed properly.

  13. I've seen them at Terrasana and Rise, don't know if they have any now.

  14. Can only use for gear no cannabis product.

  15. I second electric pea's question --- can you please post the terpene profile whenever ya get a chance.

  16. Batch 9627. Myrcene 1.09%, Caryophyllene 0.34%, Limonene 0.25%

  17. I picked up some of their Skunkberry badder, stuff is awesome and caught a 30 % off sale too.

  18. Groupon/ Leafwell and use a promo code. Should be around $70

  19. It 100% is the way bloom stored it. Having worked in a dispensary it's crazy to me the amount of coworkers who had no respect for the products they were handling. Buckeye relief added HUGE "this side up" stickers and I would still find coworkers storing them upside-down. Hell, they even did it with those gigantic containers from certified. I always tried to inform them that they should store it correctly. A good amount of them did not use concentrates so they were uninformed about the proper handling and storage.

  20. Should be one of the first things they are shown and told about during initial training.

  21. Leafwell groupon and look for a discount code get it for around $70

  22. Verano G6 grind and Ascension shredded bud are good stuff.

  23. Donny Burger the Mob Boss #99 I got smells like vinegar.

  24. Do these fit the magnetic 510s? Always been curious about that.

  25. Winner!! $69.30 after discount. Thank you!!

  26. Location and price? I'd love to try some, but I have a feeling it's pricey AF if it's anything like the rest of Ohio's Solventless'

  27. Rise Madison and Detroit had for it $72 b4 tax.

  28. My patient buys this is actually really nice. Ground bud not leaf clippings and keif

  29. Standard Wellness has .25g of terpene for dabbing for the same price.

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