Pawn shop find - Jericho 941

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. Care to elaborate? Or is the keyboard too far away from the top of that high horse?

  2. Yeah I dunno man, I literally placed an order with them about a month ago, which hasn't been shipped out yet.

  3. Ok so I go to my local UPS or FedEx, so take an existing set of prints and then turn it into a file?

  4. No, go to the PrintScan website and use their locations page to find a store near you that has the equipment.

  5. I don’t own a brace, but I think you’re overestimating the success rate the ATF will have getting them registered

  6. can anyone just attach them to your lights? my lights came built in to my tank lid

  7. Yes, you'd plug the cord from your lid into the timer, then the timer into your wall outlet.

  8. By far one of my favorite footprints I've seen for a planted tank.

  9. Their tiny mouths are hilarious haha and I love watching them shoal together. In my experience the dominant male leads the group and then one by one they follow him and sort of "scoot" by each other. They form almost a ball where they're constantly changing positions. Idk if I explained that well but they are really neat to watch.

  10. Great description of their schooling behavior! My dominant male is truly the king of the group, both in looks and attitude.

  11. Very neat that's pretty much exactly what I see with mine as well. So cool how 1 gets so much darker. Do you ever catch the males fighting for dominance? I recently caught 3 of them going at it in film- it was pretty funny

  12. Occasionally they get in to it, once again hilarious because what are you guys even going to do with those tiny lil mouths anyways?

  13. Do you use RO water when topping off? If not how do you prevent pH swings. Beautiful tank.

  14. Nope, just tap. I believe the amount of botanicals in here works to buffer the water, as it's tannin level is very high.

  15. One of my old Mystery snails passed away I put him up on a golf tee from the first time I golfed with my lil bro

  16. I like to imagine your male CPDs wake up, roll out of the grass and read their to-do list...

  17. I couldn’t find anywhere what potting mix ingredients were dangerous to fish. Just vague references to fertilizer not being ok? Or maybe I’m misunderstanding. Planning a 20g long community tank with plants.

  18. Not sure what the "fertilizer" is that it refers to in the ingredient list, nor do I think you want soil containing limestone.

  19. Thank you! I was seeing online people saying potting mix was ok as long as it was organic but the ingredients lists I was seeing didn’t look right. I will find something with that simple of an ingredients list. I wish it was gardening season near me! I’d have more choices

  20. No this is cat the book said to speak the words and I did and this is what came out

  21. Did you add these recently? Looks like what happens during transition to new environmental situations. I would just use some scissors to cut off the dead/dying portions.

  22. I had the same issue with one of my stands. You could cut out two small squares in the stand where the tubing is currently resting. That will allow the tubes to go straight down.

  23. I was going to suggest this, but the stand top looks like it might be granite or quartz composite, which would make that very difficult.

  24. Hmm yeah, suppose it would depend on the tools OP has available. You could pretty easily use a circular saw to cut the side edges of the square, score the last edge and snap the pieces out.

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