1. he says a tarnished can't be elden lord but what he means is shouldn't. he didn't think we'd get that far. the erdtree burning was his wakeup call to action.

  2. Personally I prefer the theory that Gideon got to his little area, intending to stop any tarnished that should come along, Godfrey showed up, and Gideon went “right this way sir, I’m deeply sorry for the interruption sir” before recollecting himself to fight us.

  3. Why do men think women just want to see their dicks... I mean It's just a thumb in a turtle neck.

  4. so much diversity that it's no longer diverse

  5. except some people are literally dying to get to the country you are in.

  6. They said or I don’t know, that they had cameras, now wether they work or not or if the troopers got film of me dropping it or not I can’t confirm. They simply told us we were fired, and the security footage was all given to AST, they may have only seen me go in the classroom come out and made the assumption it was me, I don’t know who lengths of evidence they may or may not have

  7. so to get your story straight. you didn't even know about a half gram of meth in a bag in your pocket or that you dropped it, and the school told you that you had it, in a baggy, told you how much, and that it fell out in a classroom when you were pulling your phone out of your breast pocket?

  8. people confuse physical addiction with psychological addiction.

  9. if she used her work/school email, it's not private.

  10. well it's not "no shit" to some people as clearly OP thinks a conversation via work email is private.

  11. We do know that trips to the Moon and long periods in space, such as what the crew on the International Space Station experiences, have caused profound alterations to astronaut bodies. Microgravity can trigger muscle atrophy and loss of bone density. Pressure differences between the brain and eye when in space can cause visual impairments, like Spaceflight-Associated Neuro-ocular Syndrome. Away from the Earth's electromagnetic field, ionizing radiation is everywhere, which can not only cause cancer, but also bleeding gums, one's hair falling out, brain damage and reduced immunity. And while astronauts on the International Space Station are shielded from the sun's radiation at least half the time (when the Earth is blocking it), astronauts headed to Mars would have no metaphorical lead apron during the seven-month journey to the red planet.

  12. to be fair humans on the moon or mars or something with gravity will not be affected as much by the gravity change as humans on the international space station. since they have essentially no gravity.

  13. this is illegal. you cannot cause harm to a person or their property (vehicle) by placing traps on your own property. even if you have a sign up as a warning. you also cannot shoot someone for trespassing unless they mean to do harm. which obviously using someones driveway to turn around doesn't count.

  14. i mean being fat often causes obstructive sleep apnea. the doc should look into other things too, deficiencies, any medications she is on that may have sedating properties, how much exercise she gets, how many hours of sleep, whether her meals are spread out throughout the day or not, etc.

  15. idk why but seeing someone dressed like that and being very serious just looks so silly to me lol

  16. havent watched LCS in a long time, no idea who Letigress is.

  17. short kings rejoice! india has short queens!

  18. why are the coolest cities always so damn 9-11able?

  19. those big storage containers filled with bodies seemed nice.

  20. stark king on the throne and Sansa the brain dead still secedes the north.

  21. I get the impression that the greater will has essentially fucked off. The two fingers have had less and less to interpret over time, now becoming completely stationary and decrepit. I think that the greater will is either not communicating with the lands between anymore (for whatever reason), or has more simply given up and gone on to the next thing it wants to exert its (greater) will over

  22. that would make sense, the other outer gods seem to be immensely more present than the greater will which is odd since the greater will had originally basically forced them into submission. but if the greater will isn't around anymore that would explain the increase in activity from other outer gods.

  23. Tbf that platforming section is enough to put pretty much everyone off from getting there.

  24. not really. someone could just use a rope to get down. unlike our silly tarnished.

  25. Jesus did not Technically die for every ones sins. His death was enough to cover the sins of all people through out all time yes and any one has the ability for Jesus to forgive there sins. But only those who believe in him and follow him are saved. People have to accept the free gift in order for Jesus sacrifice to matter or to apply to them.

  26. isn't not believing in Jesus a sin? shouldn't it be forgiven?

  27. cats usually just use them instinctively when you provide it.

  28. i've already written a script to fix everything for the devs. honestly surprised they haven't figured it out on their own yet.

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