1. I was just about to say this, I can’t let my golden retriever be alone with the water dish he digs and plays in it.

  2. Dude wtf I’m so jealous of some country’s relaxed rules on poppy’s. You would not see that in the US.

  3. They grow everywhere in peoples yards in utah. I know it’s “legal to grow” with the exception of “growing for opiates” I could find 10 houses in my neighborhood with them in the front yard

  4. Even though rolled cigarettes don’t have additives, they’re just as bad for you if not worse than a normal one. They have way more tar since they’re unfiltered.

  5. You can roll filters into them or get tubes with filters and a rolling machine. However inhaling any sort of tobacco is not a great idea.

  6. You shouldn’t inhale tabacco period, if your looking for another option I’d check out pipe tabacco. Although they are not completely safe (1.3 % increase of oral cancer) Cigars and pipe tabacco are significantly safer than cigarettes as you don’t inhale.

  7. Just picked up some 65 packs online hopefully they work in this dry environment thanks for the tips!

  8. One thing you won't blame me for is mold and burn, I highly recommend 65%.

  9. Hot dry state. I have a hard time getting these pretty nice Tupperware to 65. I also prefer around 70 for a slow burning chewable smoke

  10. I dunno. Would you drink a Sam Smith and pass out Busch Light to your friends : ) If I light up and someone wants a smoke, they get one of my regular cigars. And since it's a good cigar, they enjoy it and usually finish it. If it's more than a few friends that want to smoke, then it's a herf. And rule #1 of the herf is to bring cigars.

  11. I won’t smoke top shelf around people if I’m passing out cheep stuff that’s a dick move lol. If there is a friend who asks me to introduce I’ll hook them up with a nice Connecticut of a decent price. This humidor is for a select few friends who only smoke when the group is lighting up and they don’t bring their own.

  12. I don the same thing the whole bottom drawer of my humidor is quorum. And honestly I don’t hate the quorum cigars, they’re great for the golf course, that way I don’t have to worry about dropping them or losing them

  13. I smoke them on weekdays when I don’t have much time, never understood the hate.

  14. Did you put it in her butt? She loves it when I do that.

  15. Smoking a NUB MADURO right now :) got some makers 46 on ice

  16. Sweet. I have one in the humidor that needs another couple weeks. I’m looking forward to it.

  17. Great peppery smoke :) really tightly wrapped but that’s not what I normally see with nub. It’s taking like 2 hours to smoke

  18. I've been wondering about the v cuts. I've only done the straight cut, but a travel humidor I ordered is supposed to come with a v cutter as a bonus. What is the benefit of that style cut? I imagine it is better suited for certain cigar shapes as opposed to others?

  19. Less tabacco in the mouth, you can take off less material and keep cutting like making an X if it’s not enough draw.

  20. I go Horizontal and about half way through make a vertical cut.

  21. I’d like one everyday if I had the time, but with work and everything probably 4-5 times a week 2 on saturdays.

  22. How do you know she littered? Were you there?

  23. Did you not see her throw the can in the beginning of the video???

  24. Oh! So you were with them? You saw them leave the dock and lake without retrieving the can?

  25. Fair enough I now see your point XD

  26. Haven’t tried those yet, I’m super new and got a few premium sticks and a 20 pack of these quaroms. Been smoking about a month or so. I’ll check them out, always down for a cheap weekday stick.

  27. Not a fake. Either a exquisito or a band from the early 2000s

  28. I always wondered about those but never knew anyone that smoked them. How does the Quorum cigar compare to a factory smoke?

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