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  1. i don’t really recommend river club, im staying there right now and the management system is really slow and ineffective. if u want to save some rent money, be sure to have the mental capacity to deal with their managers and multiple maintenance issues like broken pipes, flooded floor, creaky noisy washing machines, dirty ac, wasp nest in the door way, fallen blinds, etc. but on the bright side, their maintenance guy is really nice and helpful~ i really like him and hope they pay him well because he’s the only reason why i’m still there:)

  2. If you cant get one talk to ur professor there is a financial calculator app on ur phone maybe you can use it

  3. if i can’t borrow it from anyone else i will have to borrow it from him at this point honestly🥹🤌

  4. i’ve talked to him but he wouldn’t allow anything apart from calculator during his tests😭

  5. First, I encourage you to download the UGASAFE app for your phone. It has several great features for these sort of situations. UGA RideSmart offers subsidized trips via Lyft to get students home or around campus. They will cover half of the cost up to $5.00 for trips originating from or ending on campus. The only caveat is that this is only active from 10:00 to 5:00, so you would have to wait an hour per so probably in order to take advantage of that service. Visit tps.uga.edu for more info. If you live on campus, on Milledge Ave, on the HSC or really anywhere in that vicinity, the night bus routes are a good, safe, though occasionally somewhat slower option to get you home safe. You can live track the bus at routes.uga.edu as well as find the closest stop and travel planning resources. I will also say, as a regular night bus operator, 9:00 is still pretty early, and campus is still very active, which is to your advantage. Just take reasonable precautions and do what is best for you.

  6. thank u for this information! i live off campus so that’s why i have to rely on lyft or uber, but so glad to know that the campus is still active at that hour😊

  7. Should not be any problem at all. Check the license plate to make sure it matches the one on your phone. There have been cases of people saying they are there for you but are fraudsters.

  8. oh:) i’ve never thought of this😖 i’ll make sure to take notice, thank u!

  9. this happened to me last year as well, just reach out to the admission office, let them know ur situation (i just wrote them one email) and they’ll move ur accepted term back one sem to spring:) they usually reply pretty quick so don’t worry too much~ it’ll be ok👌

  10. I just want you to know that FeLV does not have to be a death sentence. I had a cat diagnosed with it when she was 6 years old who luckily went into remission and lived to 23. If there's any hope at all, hold onto it and see what happens with your girl. My thoughts are with you!

  11. thank u for ur comforting words but its already got to her bone marrow so her body is just slowly giving up on her now. i truly wish that there’s hope but the most she can live for now is just one-two years with really aggressive treatments and as a junior college student i don’t think i can afford it, both for the time investment and medicine fee. im so glad ur cat got better🥺

  12. It was about $200-250 I believe. I treated my dog like my daughter honestly so being able for her to be somewhere familiar and comfortable is what was most important to me

  13. thank u, that’s quite out of my budget right now:(

  14. Email the Dean of the department with your specific complaints. There is a good chance that they are unaware of the professor’s behavior. Also mention the TA.

  15. Oh no! Each department should have one. They would be listed as part of the personnel.

  16. i’ll search it up and reach out to them then! thank u for ur information🥺

  17. It may show up and get brought to the Tate information desk, I would check in with them and give them your information

  18. thank u for ur kind offer~ i’ve already had someone help me with this🥺💕

  19. Hiii. Im also a viet international student who doesnt have a car so i understand the struggle 😢😢😢. Im so sorry i cant help you out but i hope things turn out great for you 😊

  20. hi🥺 thank u so much for ur kind wish🥺 i did find someone who offers to help🥺

  21. HOW HARD IS KREN1001&1002? Since I need KREN1002 if I want to apply for a SK exchange this Fall 2022 but haven’t taken KREN1001 yet and is planning to arrange a placement test or ask the professor for permission to register regardless of KREN1001. Pls can someone who has finished both of them give me some advice about this🙏🙏🙏 My Korean is pretty much at beginner level as well, like I can read the characters and forms some basic sentences but not much🥲 I don’t really mind taking KREN1001 but they only offer it in Fall and KREN1002 in Spring so I really don’t want to wait for another year🥺

  22. Contact admission department and they will guide you. Hope everything is fine!

  23. I’m about to apply for a job, if I don’t win this give away, please let luck be with my resumé then❤️

  24. If you use booking.com for your hotel stay, they will have tons of information. There is a hostel that’s near the stadium that requires you to be 18 for check in. Nicer hotels like the Omni (expensive for one night alone) requires you to be 21.

  25. oh:> okay~ thank you so much for the information💜

  26. If you need help with any other info, just shoot a message! I’m 28 and travel from Oklahoma City to Dallas a few times a year and stayed in many hotels and different hostels in the states!

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