1. When not even the biggest online horse game understands how joints work…….

  2. Fish in inhumane and abusive conditions is starved into eating anything it possibly can. This is sad.

  3. And the bait too, can’t believe that lil snake was too happy in his final moments… People who do this kind of thing need to take a long walk on a short pier fr

  4. Dude, LEAVE. For real. Trust your gut and prioritize your own wellbeing.

  5. Haha, I think I might the "the girl who feels like a wolf" you read about, and I just want to protest and say that 2010 wasn't "the early days of the internet"!

  6. You might just be a very animalistic person. In my experience, if you're a therian, you'll feel it very clearly.

  7. I don't see what would disqualify you as a therian if you view yourself as a nonhuman animal. Not all therians know their theriotype and some don't really seem to have one at all, which is fine.

  8. That doesn't make sense. How can you be a therian without a theriotype?

  9. Just wanna give you major props for trying to understand and support your daughter. 🐾

  10. Visualizing something, experiencing past life "flashbacks" (if you're spiritually inclined), etc doesn't automatically mean you have a new theriotype. Even phantom limbs aren't necessarily indicative of a specific identity -- they can be triggered in a lot of different ways with a lot of different outcomes.

  11. Ahh, I see them now, I had an old version, thanks!

  12. I wanna plaaay, there's never anyone in tho :(( Where you located?

  13. Sabine reminds me so much of Sevika from Arcane!

  14. Both Portal games, Okami, both RDR, Mirror’s Edge… Journey, Shelter, ABZU and Stray are also fantastic games but with less of an impact story wise. They’re just really pleasant 🐚

  15. Hey bro can we not throw around terms like “gaslighting” so frivolously

  16. No shade but I honestly don’t get it, I hate the old models 🫠

  17. And it's not really about the old models but about being surrounded by new horses every time they are released lol

  18. I get that, was more responding to all the other comments talking about the charm of the older models

  19. We’re moving into your neighborhood 😏😏

  20. I strongly believe there should be some kind of license required to buy a dog/pet.

  21. No two ways about it; whenever I revisit GWA, I always find myself listening to one of your audios. You’re in a league of your own 👏👏

  22. i truly appreciate that. since i dont post as frequently as many others it's nice to know i stand out for you. thank you for listening to me. ❤

  23. Quality over quantity! Don’t stress 🌼

  24. Ex-actly!!! I'd be flying over the jump without my horse if I rode her cross-country in a frickin racin saddle.

  25. I once did an XC course in a dressage saddle, that was rough enough lol

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