1. depends and only tier 2 city in Bihar is Patna.

  2. there is a youtuber named harshit chauhan, he makes these types of videos only.any problem related to college/pg in bombay, go to his channel.

  3. any particular reason why you want to get in IT? also you're planning to do a mba now?

  4. इनको जेल में डालो आरोप : भोजपुरी को अश्लील बनाने में अहम योगदान

  5. https://giphy.com/gifs/DDsLbuZqw7ZLrvQmnV

  6. bhai mai bas janta hoon ki ek yash garg naam ka banda hai jo youtube pe college reviews deta hai, abhi ye post dekha to uske channel pe gaya, aur

  7. Midjourney ig but just see how beautifully it has captured the essence of the fest!

  8. Such a beautiful way of presentation, really impressive work dude

  9. Kisi ke pass CAT ke books hai, to wo bhi de do :)

  10. There is a BBA-MBA combined course offered by IIM Indore where you directly get into IIM-I MBA course after your BBA.

  11. No. And never was. Missed the cutoff by just 2 marks.

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