1. How can Vitality have gone from beating BDS in RLCS X finals to this ? Are either Kaydop or Fairy being replaced or is Alpha leaving?

  2. Yes, of course, I mean no disrespect to 00 nation. Its clear that competition is much harder than in the old days and there are many teams playing great, but Vitality used to be such an effective team that it makes you wonder how they fell so hard.

  3. Vamoos los pibes !!! Finally we can enjoy Complexity's Autumn split shape, a pitty it may be a little too late for Major qualification but you never know, if they keep it up the miracle may be possible!! Complexity vs V1 for a place in the upper final is gonna be so much hyppppeee *-*

  4. I recieved this team 3 days ago and I'm struggling between 1 and 1.1 k while I try to learn to play the game (first time playing Axies). They told me to put the beast last but i find it hard because of its speed in the final 1v1s as it usually gets destroyed. I had better results putting the termi last.

  5. Awesome team! I would put termi in backline and beast midline. I bet you can do 1.2k-1.7k MMR. It's hard to climb the ladder now tho. Since the MMR was reset to 1.2k a few days ago.

  6. Thanks for the response! I'll keep the termi last and hope the climbing gets easier next week.

  7. Sorry to say that is one of the worst logos i've seen

  8. I love you sons of whores! How's my Spanish?

  9. Hijo de puta translation should be son of a bitch, so close one!

  10. I was just able to tune in, WTF happened to Vitality ??? Also Guild just lost which is sad but not entirely shocking

  11. What a great Sunday, Argentina defeating Uruguay 3-0 and True Neutral qualifying to RLCS against V1 !! Vamos los pibes carajo!!

  12. She is not a warrior and as far as we know she doesn't know how to use a sword properly. She will most certainly fight from the sky, riding Drogon.

  13. Makes you remember the old days where RLCS league play had only 9 matches and the Evil Geniuses roster of Klassux, CorruptedG and Chrome disputed the podium to the Big 3.

  14. Arya Stark starting from ACOK and beyond its my favorite POV for world building. A first-hand witness that exposes the misery and desolation suffered by the common people during the War of the Five Kings and shows us the harsh reality of the Riverlands, including her detailed stay in Harrenhall.

  15. House Blackwood: Our roots are deep

  16. Well IF Viserys was able to just chill and merge with the Khalasar and Khal Drogo some day decided to cross the narrow sea they could have certainly dome some damage in the seven Kingdoms.

  17. The waiting was worth it. Never in our lives we saw a better explained and produced anouncement in this esport. It was about time. RL esport has everything to be one of the greatest esports in the world. This anouncement is a BIG step up. Its time to enjoy.

  18. I've been following RLCS since S3, never in my life been so hype about a pre-season anouncement!!

  19. George did say that the first Victarion chapter takes place 5 minutes after the end of ADWD so maybe it could be the first chapter after the prologue.

  20. He would send them a bard to make them listen The Rains of Castamere. The Others would simply kill the bard, but that wouldn't trouble Lord Tywin at all.

  21. Oh yes, its super hard. Imagine having to fly full speed in a gigantic stadium while trying to dodge not only the other team but also two bludgers that are basically living cannonballs

  22. The books have Peeves for the name of MerlĂ­n! Is there any better reason to start reading them?

  23. "Look behind you, a three headed monkey!" from the mouth of Guybrush Threepwood

  24. I am convinced that Sam the Slayer will be remembered forever as one of the great legends of his time. Not only is he the first person to kill an Other in thousands and thousands of years, which in itself is a feat worthy of glory and songs, but it is also certain that he will have a decisive role in the development of the events to come, whether as a witness, as the owner of a certain horn, as a man of the Night Watch, as an archer, as a future maester or as one of the only people in the world who knows the true face of the imminent threat that approaches beyond the Wall.

  25. I think its both that George wanted to reveal that later in the story and also one could argue that Jon probably wasn't as interested in History lessons as Bran was, being older and always training.

  26. Cebollitas Subcampeon is a reference to the first club where Diego Armando Maradona played as a child, and also an argentinean TV show that was very popular in the 90's in which the children sang that losing in a final and placing 2nd is still worth it.

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