1. Jedi outcast and academy - great single and lots of fun in multi.

  2. no idea what everyone is scared of dilution??? AMC issues shares and we buy them up, AND AMC GETS THE CASH IN THEIR POCKET. AMC get money = no debt = cash flow positive = no short theory. right now if you buy a share you’re basically paying criminals

  3. GAME Stock has no debt, even positive earnings - shorts dont care they just short it more.

  4. You put out this nice presentation with bullet points, against your own company, at 2 am pacific and 5 am eastern?

  5. Why you cant open doors from inside? Whats the reason for this design?

  6. Why they would want to listen someone who fail to rule their orgin country lol.

  7. Strong agree. They kill child life and they will do it again.

  8. Not much shorts here so its just sentiment. Company is burning cash and buying other closed mine instead of starting earnning. If they wont show profit this year we can expect downtrend to 0.2

  9. It is very strange that the analyst puts a target price of 13.65 and that we see the current price does not hostility to one dollar. The price increase is supposed to be gradual until we reach the target price.

  10. Politicians. Mostly loosers who dont want to work and try to decide what plebs can do.

  11. Inflation and all politics trying to reduce our standard of living but not affecting rich people.

  12. One puts his mouth where his money is, the other puts his mouth and takes my money by selling his shares... HUGE DIFFERENCE

  13. Exactly. Seems he cant wait for next dillution (4xfloat).

  14. This operator cant even speak proper english? Its like shes from some san andreas hood or something.

  15. Wanting to afford house is too much? No surprise thry push for this you will own nothing and be happy.

  16. Lol both parties looks pathetic. All Europe laughing from you xD

  17. Why so much aggression. In Denmark we had social programs for immigrants how to behave. Why its not happening for black people?

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