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  1. I think this an interesting and kind of a fair fight that depends on a lot of factors. If we assume that this is somewhat realistic, then lets first assume a house win in NV as that's the only way house is alive, and an institute victory in 4 for the same reason.

  2. House was rendered laughably vulnerable with one of two keycards just sitting out in the open ready to be taken by anybody who knew to look for them.

  3. I feel like you’re leaning in the direction that this is a good thing, instead of bad writing being, well... a bad thing.

  4. "hey baby!" -benny. Hooooo, gets me hot every time. I'm a sucker for it.

  5. You know what I just realized. The glass on those old CRRS is thicc af and pressurized. . . Pretty sure you can't put a keyboard through that to save your life lol.

  6. Depression is a symptom caused by lack of quality human interaction.

  7. As an electrician i can tell you some interesting things.

  8. Soon, pitiful worms! Soon I will rule, and your lives will have their doneness setting turned to... darkest!

  9. But first, light my cigar alright buddy?

  10. Well, since I can't kill you, I guess I have to listen to your inane questions

  11. Sounds like something God would've said to bender

  12. https://www.reddit.com/r/falloutnewvegas/comments/v5jsdr/of_course_i_want_to_cant_you_tell/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

  13. I like how you think the person who wrote the post, which I took a photo of; will see how offended you are. 😂

  14. i thought it was called skyrim because it is by the sky of tamreal (help me i don't remember how to spell it)

  15. Tamriel, you're right. It is funny though.

  16. Nord conspiracy. They eat it all. Or hide it in giant hollowed out wheels of cheese.

  17. Skyrim is just the opposite name of Middle Earth and no one can change my mind haha.

  18. Would it be opposite, or rather an inversion?

  19. That only makes sense if you pronounce Skyr like "Steyr", instead of "Steer"

  20. First off, your syntax sucks, I had to read that 3 times.

  21. You're magical with your profound insight... I order off an online delivery service.

  22. Outta consider brewing to save on booze, and to distill for fuel, use the co2 for higher yields from your plants

  23. You run a meadery? Awesome! Must be so cool just watching it rise and knowing exactly what chemicals are doing their job at the moment. Cool!

  24. It's really fun, I also grow a bit of weed, the co2 helps me get higher yields like a commercial greenhouse, i sell vinegar at the farmers market too, this summer I'm buying a house where I can expand and build a glass blowing studio, metalworking shop, and pottery shop. Then I can put my 3d printer to real use too.

  25. No, you kill them throughout the game.

  26. Remember to cast soul trap with a black sould gem handy, or even better. Cast yrden so she can't move.

  27. Could be durben, could be AK. Could be quite a few.

  28. Oh damn some of the RDR2 tracks still making me emotional. But the track when you fight Lord Shimura and seeing your horse also gives me goosebumps

  29. What I'm hearing is "I want cowboy samurai music." And I agree

  30. Oh no way, would love to hear it. I adore both games!

  31. Here, I'll link it. I've done some others, fable and oblivion, red dead and new vegas, assassins creed Valhalla and skyrim.

  32. Were drugs involved in this accomplishment? Had to have been lol

  33. Definitely, also been trading stocks, brewing alcohol, growing trees, mixing music for my YouTube account. And doing light remodeling in my home. (Building walls, painting, building an indoor garden, etc..)

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