1. It's a video input from an 80's or 90's car. This is prior to s-video, HDMI and all the newer formats. You may be able to find a conversation cable, which will typically be yellow, red, white, which are video and stereo audio (in their own channels). This means you'd also want to pick up a y-cable, left/right rca to stereo 3.5mm jack.

  2. Bad ass bully shows a bunch of frail elderly WHOS BOSS. What a tough guy!

  3. The smile after he is shoved looked like the Grinch.

  4. I'm sorry, is this an expected level of retaliation or escalation over a parking spot? Accepting and normalizing this type of violence means you are becoming nunb to it.

  5. It’s just like the real world. You can see from upvotes that a vast majority agree with you, but the ones that are all obnoxiously loud about their disagreement will be vocal and comment. I could relate this to so many things, it really isn’t funny.

  6. BUt tHeY ARE tHe LoUD MaJORity /s

  7. I swear someone is running an experiment in this subreddit to see reactions when they phrase video titles in certain ways.

  8. It's not an experiment at this point, now it's intentional.

  9. I know one of the families of the kids. Was this stupid of the girls to post? 1000%. But, they are singing an actual hip hop song, from one of their favorite artists. they are singing the lyrics as written. Honestly, singers want to hit it big, they want their music to get popular so they can have EVERYONE everywhere singing it, so they can become millionaires. They fill the songs with nonstop use of the N word… while hoping their songs take off… theeeeeen there is massive outrage when people start singing their music, the very lyrics they are releasing to the international audience.

  10. Hmm odd that the context wasn't provided. Also fuck the first amendment right?

  11. Electrical engineer here: This configuration would allow 30-60 A. (Probably closer to 60A)

  12. I thought if wired in parallel 1/30+1/30= 1/15 or 15 ohms of resistance?

  13. If your request has to go to China, then the signal comes from China to your device... You are going to have a bad time.

  14. I haven't heard so much "oooooo"ing and instigation since high school.

  15. I teach at a high school. I can’t tell you how sad and scary it is to watch fights nowadays. They don’t fight to fight, (like there should be a reason to fight at all, lol) they fight to seriously injure and they have no consideration of the consequences it comes with. The worst part though, is the by-standing and recording. Filming then posting a fight is a suspendable offence at our school and sometimes it even leads to criminal implications because by spreading it and encouraging it, you’re legally involving yourself for no reason.

  16. Well if the school didn't lean on law enforcement to discipline kids and most schools have a non fighting (no fighting back) policy, you wonder why some kids just wait to be saved by an adult that isn't coming. Perhaps if the kids trying to stop the fight wouldn't get in trouble themselves, you may see others getting involved.

  17. They wouldn’t get in trouble though..? Why would they? We had a similar incident at my school last month. A guy was attacked from behind by another guy, he was pushed face first into a cement pilar, then a fight broke out with over 100 kids watching and filming. It happened in literally seconds, there were 3 teachers on duty within that wing (all women) and one was helplessly trying to break it up and she got hit (also why we don’t intervene physically) It ended so quickly because one kid in grade 11 stepped in and yanked one off the other, broke it up and a few guys held them both back from each other until they calmed down.

  18. I'm sorry but I have the impression that there is a zero tolerance policy in most schools, intervening often gets you in the fight as well, so most students would avoid getting involved.

  19. Xxr made a style like this that I have on my 280sx

  20. That's what I was going for originally, but I wouldn't be able to open my boot, cause I want to be able to fix it permanently, ie so it doesn't fly off while driving and not needing to worry about someone just taking the whole thing.

  21. Lol good luck, you are going to have to compromise somewhere. Dare I ask what flag and why you think you need to drive around with it 24/7? It's not a normal thing.

  22. So you have a collection of flags? Are we taking about country flags, sports, political?

  23. Y'all are the male versions of real house wives viewers. One of your should make a yt channel for viewing parties of new haggard universe videos.

  24. Although 16 is the age of consent in OK, I think this is how they are charging her;

  25. looks awesome, but what exactly makes it "isn't like anyone else"? I hope it's not another way of saying "I know what I got"

  26. That looks so good! How did you manage to make a hardtop for it?

  27. Ditto, never saw a hard top before...

  28. Isn’t animal abuse a felony now? The only good thing to come from the trump presidency.

  29. This resulted in a misdemeanor but he did end up resigning as well.

  30. Be sure to call the state attorney general to "see if this was a legal practice".

  31. Probably should of thought of that before I muffler deleted it

  32. Probably but you can always add it back and sell the car.

  33. The way they had the rope rigged was designed to lower the top.

  34. If that's true, lawsuit time!

  35. You're not alone. I was definitely searching for a little robot wall-e

  36. No a maf signal is based on air hitting a wire behind that mesh. The mesh is there to avoid things being sucked into the intake and doing bad things, starting with the maf. Probably most helpful against acorns.

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