1. Finally it's over. I wonder what Ricardo smile means? It's not like he's happy he can put Wally down, I think it almost got him. He smiles because there are boxers out there who can pose a threat and surprise him. If that punch would even graze his chin he would fall, that's why he smiled. Maybe he knows its Sendo's trademark punch? And he's looking forward to fight with him.

  2. You will see to whom he lost in Mexico. Also he is considered as old mostly because he went on a break and had a long way to the top.

  3. Are those the chapters of the cover with Sukuna reaching?

  4. I imagine he'll torment Yuji for a sec, then will go kick Yorozu's butt, and then straight to his bath.

  5. Nah, when he saw Megumi's hand signs when they thought he became interesting. He knows about Mahoraga and 10S

  6. I'm happy to see that people are turning this panel into something wholesome and cute and not only a lewd shit or weird ships

  7. I'm sorry, smartoons? R&M is like half a step smarter than most stuff at the most. Saying that you're aware of tropes isn't the same as doing anything good with it.

  8. Rick & Morty isnt anyhow smart. It's just making fun of sci fi and one of the main character is cynical and thats it. Satire and cynicism have existed for a long time

  9. Yeah 90% of the humor is like highschool / college level body humor and weird sex stuff. I think Bojack Horseman and Futurama are much better at virtually everything R&M is trying to do.

  10. Bojack horseman is a serious show disguised as a comedy

  11. I think they are sus but in other way.

  12. what if Sukuna ends up being a shitty sorcerer compared to the old ones lol

  13. He was "the King of Curses" so legendary that his name is well known in Jujutsu society. Also the only one who was split to 20 cursed objects and not just one.

  14. Honestly, Ippo vs Miyata. I'm not particularly interested in Ricardo as a character, the idea of the invincible champion who wins through perfect refinement of the basics, is kinda boring. I'm sure I'll care when(or if) Ippo comes back and eventually gets to him, but for now, he's just kinda there.

  15. Understandable. However imo a main "villain" or last boss being not some evil guy with some weird technique, but a gentleman with nothing but a basic boxing refined by thousands of hours of training is an interesting thing, comparing to other animes/mangas.

  16. is it just me or is there nothing (if its not just me please dont delete this post op its so funny)

  17. The whole point is that OP DOESN'T FUCKING CARE

  18. It'd be funnier if OP weren't an unregenerate karma/engagement spammer who a few months ago asked for Cuno porn in this subreddit.

  19. 100 km? Thats like, a lot. Hope some of you has a car

  20. That reminds me, have you paid for your WinRAR subscription yet?

  21. I've done both, but then again I am an artist, and liver damage is my art

  22. In my country construction site workers are often considered as alcoholics, and surprisingly, that's often true. When I was younger I worked as a helper on a construction site, here are some accidents:

  23. I started to take of myself mentally and physically. Nothing like having a solid massage after whole week of working out.

  24. Every single game I use WASD. But for gothic 1 and 2 I use Arrow Keys. Its like a reflex, a muscle memory. Any other style feels wrong.

  25. Not impossible cause in the story that gege was inspired by, sukuna was experimented on

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