1. It's the by-product of an unchecked pornography fixated microculture.

  2. I don't think so tbh I think the Asian being associated with the feminine is more to do with just they're association with beauty than porn and I feel the same way about Africans just the feminine being repressed as we don't see many black woman on TV but alot of black athletes.

  3. Can you offer an example of a stronger association? I'm curious.

  4. Wdym exactly? Basically the porn is a result of the cultural associations not vice versa, people watch Asian porn because Asian woman are beautiful that's why we might find that the data is consistent among woman.

  5. Yeah I mean the price and ease of dosing can definitely make it easier to end up with a bigger habit. Pure heroin is twice as strong, but with the cut that’s in street dope, it ends up being about the same potency mg to mg 90% of the time.

  6. Agreed, also the needle is a whole other ball park. But it depends on your geographic location of when you were using oxy and where you started with dope. A single blow of Boi should be the strength of 1 to 2 oxy 30s and even back in the day most people weren't getting them for that price unless the were pill milling.

  7. Oh yeah 100% but I mean each bag should be 100 mg (I think, I’m front the west coast and would use tar, but everyone here sold it by the point unless you were getting bigger amounts)

  8. Ya no no no not over here on the east coast. Stamp bags and bindles have like 60mg on average. You'll wind up with about 20mg of pure diacetylmorphine where I'm from. Must be some good tar though.

  9. Where the hell would you get air from ???

  10. It's the lack of air aka a vacuum in the syringe that causes blood to rush into the barrel upon entering a vein.

  11. Right now, I'm aware enough to know that I should care. That's why I'm afraid.

  12. Would you describe yourself as caring or completely egotistical, arrogant, and insufferable? People with aspd are essentially just a human ego. I don't believe they would even be aware that they should care, they don't really have the empathy and self introspection to do so. Go outside and imagine hurting somebody you'll probably find you so have empathy and a moral code.

  13. I don't know if insufferable woudl be the word, it seems a bit subjective. Though there have been peers who say I'm abrasive and arrogant. This would imply, perhaps, that egotistical falls in there somewhere too. I generally think that I'm smarter than the people around me.

  14. Do you ever steal from people, cheat on your your partners, physically or emotionally abuse others? Have you been arrested before? Do you have any close personal friends that are more than just to serve your needs at the time? If you saw a child get killed by a drunk driver in front of you how would that make you feel? Or if you were walking past the after math and saw the mother crying would you go home and try to mimic that emotion in the mirror to use later.

  15. It simply is. The actual statistics on who really likes salvia are soooooo few and far between

  16.'s different for everyone man, if you think 2 hits of L or a line of K is anything even close to otherworldly you really shouldn't be talking on this matter because obviously salvia is beyond your scope aswell as DMT, I wouldn't blink an eye at taking 10+ hits of acid. What about psychosis? I enjoy it and so do alot of people, I could watch spiders crawl all over the place all day. Different strokes for different folks.

  17. As I said, ypu have a tenuous grasp on statistics, and seemingly a tenuous grasp on intelligence as well since you don't understand the very basis of this conversation. There is a big difference between a psychonaut and the general populace. It's like saying it's easy to do a triple corked backflip as an Olympian, and I'm saying it's few and far between any person that can accomplish that. You started this whole idiotic statement by saying "a lot of people love salvia." And that statement simply isn't true. By all standards of general population I can do a shitload of drugs, most of my friends can do a decent amount too, but it's like one out of a million that can do as many as me and even fewer that actually enjoy salvia. It's a pretty horrible experience for just about everyone except people who don't care about having any grasp on reality or understanding any more. It isn't a fun drug, there is a reason why 10,000 comments here are all the same and then you get one or two pompous egotistical assholes who love to try and brag about how many drugs they can do that think they will impress others somehow by stating they love it and have no problem eating sheets of acid. You don't sound cool just get over yourself, you sound like a douchebag

  18. Lol "I do alot of drugs compared to people who do t do drugs" ok buddy

  19. Snorting has better bioavailabilty and don't shoot fetty.

  20. More of it. I'm the same way low doses never did much for me and even a good dose isn't mind blowing. I have to nod to get a great feeling.

  21. It would actually be Europeans poisoning their own supply for profit, nobody's peddling it to Europe besides Mexico and maybe China but it would be Europeans purchasing it.

  22. Having money is not the problem for most of us lol, finding a source that has legit pills consistently is the problem because for anybody that has a problem or has an addiction good luck trying to find somebody who will have pills every month all the time

  23. Speak for yourself, its different in Europe and Canada but we also have the dark net.

  24. No it's all made up, no one can do an 8 ball of meth a day and still function as he claims.

  25. Why would you stop after just once when it feels so good? Some people can chip opiates but most can't so your rolling the dice between having fun and dying/ ruining your life. If you have a good thing going don't ruin it for yourself with these substances?

  26. As somebody who's been in your position before if your still in school your too young to be making this kind of decision. What ever your going through right now your stronger than this I promise you you will learn to cope better with your illness and we have effective medications to treat depression. Have you atleast tried taking medication for this before coming to this conclusion? The world is a beautiful place once properly medicated.

  27. Ya it should start kicking in soon, how many did you take a day?

  28. 6-7 a day. No WD symptoms yet. Took 4mg subs so I am out of fent withdrawal.

  29. Depends if they’re modified release or instant. If they’re modified or tamper proof it’s still possible just a lot harder to do properly. If they’re instant realise like old school ones just crush them up and shoot them like you would any other powdered drug

  30. Good luck fitting more than 5 to 10mg into a syringe and goodbye veins, totally not worth it.

  31. Those don't look like bites at all, looks like they ran into a prop and tried quickly turning away resulting in the deeper cuts you see in its middle and brushed it again with its tail.

  32. Hi dope sick I’m dad! Sorry. But seriously try some kratom or kratom extract. The best is the mit 45 bottles. Expensive at $20 a bottle but get a bottle and drink the whole thing and see how you feel. I remember being at work feeling like I was going to shit my pants and throw up at the same time and like half an hour after kratom I just felt like I had a slight cold.

  33. $20? Just us buy capsules of kratom sheesh.

  34. You should try again but say your 18 no gender for a better response and no hobbies that would identify you as female. I don't see why that information is important for the time being but could be bad in the short term.

  35. Should really just cut out men in all tbh.

  36. It did, but then I realized it didn't, statistically speaking.

  37. Word. I’ll prolly start doing a cwe just to be safe

  38. On how much? A small amount of opioids get lost in the mix so it's not recommend unless you have to.

  39. Well right now I’m only dosing 3 of them at once each day. Could possibly eat a 4th on later today tho

  40. Just Google is x amount of Tylenol per day ok.

  41. I had a prescription bottle for oxycodone that I got from the dentist, I would scratch off everything, except for the oxy part and also my name. I tried to make it look somewhat legit. But I would also put like 60 of the 30 mg in there. I’m sure it would have been highly suspicious if Anyone would have found it. But I probably did that five times end even though one time they did search my Dopp kit where I kept that bottle and other prescriptions as part of a random search, they didn’t pay any attention to what was in any of the actual bottles.

  42. Better yet, just grind up the pills in a morter pestle and put them in empty capsules, the chances of them getting stopped and having the pills sent out to a testing facility are ungodly low.

  43. I thought I saw listings for donestic, why not right? If it says world wide WW shipping that includes domestic.

  44. All the “hazel” answers are afraid to admit that they have brown eyes lmao.

  45. Ya how are there that many blue and green eyes people on here oh wait...that explains a lot.

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