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  1. There's no way this is possible unless you aren't opening the S Tier Crates.

  2. Nope, I swear to god. I’ve never gotten a single S Tier weapon. I can screenshot my stuff for you if you don’t believe me. I’ve done the most recent $39.99 expansion gem thing, I did the original $20 one. I’ve done a couple gem packs for the seasonal events. Never gotten one from a supply crate

  3. S weapon. Of course I’ve been getting s gear. I’m almost to a red chest, boots and necklace.

  4. He is literally African American. He believes in free speech absolutism. I don’t agree with all his political views, but you can’t say he is racist and a POS. He does more for the world than any other ceo. He is literally the electric car man that so many leftists like to push people to. Like, come on? Have an ounce of awareness here.

  5. How does him being African American affect his level of racism ? Can African Americans not be racist ? TIL ?

  6. According to the left they can’t. Just turning their logic on them. Anyone, anywhere, can be racist. It isn’t exclusive to one ethnicity or culture.

  7. I don’t agree with the fine, because that’s ridiculous to fine someone. If that’s a family of 5, you could easily bankrupt them. If that cop actually had anyone’s best interest in mind he would have ordered them off the cliff and explained the dangers. Not slap $25k in fines on people. SMH I hate cops like this.

  8. If there are no consequences to your actions, there's no reason to change your actions. If it didn't hurt, you'd leave your hand on the stove.

  9. It’s all about revenue collection. You are right there should be a lesson taught, but there are other ways to teach this lesson. No one got hurt, and you can’t guarantee someone would get hurt. This wasn’t a violent attack on anyone, and no one died. To fine them $5k each is a blatant example of the cops being used to extort money from the public. Especially since they’re just standing there. It 100% does fall on the digression of the officer to write those tickets. He doesn’t have to, but he’s a dbag who probably gets off on ruining other peoples lives.

  10. The ad is 100% correct though. Here’s just another time Reddit doing what Reddit does.

  11. But write, “loose vagina” like this on a girls car is considered cruel.

  12. Sadly we haven’t had anything come out yet. We have hit a roadblock in trying to get the CNC machine. We have the IP to make this possible, but getting the machine is tough.

  13. I have an M17 R4 with a 3080 and an i9 I am thinking of letting go. I recommend that, slightly better thermals than a 15” laptop.

  14. what makes you want to let go of the your current laptop? Just want the upgrade or does the M17 R4 have some drawbacks. I might look into the 17 inch models given some other comments.

  15. I haven’t played any games for about three months and I have some other things that the money could go to. I have another laptop that I use for travel still. Pm me if you wanna talk more!

  16. She was charging at them after just yelling at them with unknown motives and picked up a bag with unknown contents. Maybe they were a little premature in their action, but I don’t think a court would rule them completely out of their rights for self defense. They used the least amount of force necessary to get her to FO. Should they have done that? Eh, I wouldn’t have personally, but I also wouldn’t have been out doing tricks on a bike. So different strokes for different folks I guess.

  17. How do you like it? I’ve been thinking of getting this wallet for a long time. I make leather stuff sometimes, and have wanted to make this too.

  18. i have the big finn in burgundy that im looking to part with, barely a month old. lmk if interested

  19. From what I can tell from this post and your comments, OP, is that you’re a bit of a tool and only came here to brag thinking that you’ll be able to get Internet points and be cool. Nice watches otherwise. But frankly, a bit stale. The Rolex is bland at this point. They’re just a name and there’s nothing otherwise great about them. The Bretling is neat looking and of course GShocks are good EDC watches. Good day to you.

  20. If you’re struggling with damage, then light runners imo. I used gold light runners for a long time before I finally got eternal boots from a chest. I will say that when I switched to eternal boots, some of the bosses became way easier because of the additional movement speed.

  21. I have 5621 damage and 10,633 health. I’m level 50.

  22. Chapter 23? I got stuck on 20 for a long time and just moved past. I decided to grind the leaves for the last couple days instead of progress.

  23. I would make the kunai a LV2 purple and take that massive leap in damage. Make everything as high level as you can by merging your equipment.

  24. So, OP, I got some advice from other fellow players and I just beat your record. I challenge you to beat 169,378.

  25. What do you do to get so many? I have double the power and I only manage to get 85k max. Please share

  26. Are you on PC? I can trade you a pretty decent crop if you want one.

  27. I just did it last month, it got a little rough and I thought I was going crazy towards the end. Some of my achievements were only unlocking if I switched back and forth between normal and TVHM a few times..

  28. That’s awesome! I really bet there’s around or less than 100 people who have managed to get everything. Good job!

  29. I just checked Trueachievements(dot)com and there looks to be around 3,700 100% completions just from users on site(Microsoft/xbox Achievements), not including other systems like playstation and steam

  30. Thank you for checking that! That’s more people than I thought! That’s still not many compared to how many played the game

  31. What do you not understand about it? It's the most straight forward weapon. Max it out during gameplay and smash.... I actually did level 20 and 21 using the bat as I lost my LC (which I have finally regained now).

  32. I guess I’m asking how you avail taking damage the whole time from ranged enemies. What’s the strategy. The Shuriken’s are pretty straight forward since they aim themselves. But the bat I’m struggling with the range.

  33. I still haven’t gotten the light chaser. I have all other S Tier gear though.

  34. Ya know, I didn’t do the math but you’re right.

  35. I would save the gems for a day or two. See what comes your way

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