1. he was in a fantasy world, jerry’s apartment was his reality and he ignored the squalor of his own life

  2. It's a bum gun. You'll never feel cleaner than after using one!

  3. does the article explain how came to that number? seems like it’s just “trust me bro the government said so”

  4. wasn’t even knocked out in a battle this is just what happens when you’re around italian drivers

  5. for my class project james and i will be performing a rap describing the armenian genocide

  6. Yep, my husband sometimes turns porn on in the background when he's getting bored of the stock market YouTubers he forces himself to watch. He'll play it in the background for a few minutes then go back to focusing on the stock market news. Whatever works, I guess. He'll also do a quick scroll through porn infested Twitter feed and his Facebook feed before sleeping. It doesn't bother me, he even lets me watch him as he scrolls because I want to look at something brainlessly before sleeping but don't want to hold up my own phone lol

  7. Apparently when they filmed this scene they deliberately didnt tell the extras playing roman soldiers the script for this scene only that they “should try not to laugh”

  8. Rocco Banyan had the funniest reputation in Essex County but never came back after Jerry Aprile got through with him.

  9. Bro i swear modern art is the most brain dead shit. You can claim it represents whatever you want because its so fucking easy to do.

  10. Aren't doesn't have to take ages to make to be appreciated but a crudely made sculpture of some guy blowing his own load into his mouth doesn't necessarily strike me as inciteful art.

  11. agree I don’t think it’s very interesting either but it’s obviously very narrow minded to only appreciate art that took a lot of technical skill to make like a realist painting or a wood carved dragon

  12. god there's this one kid i know who calls it "the most relatable meme ever" he is like 12 or something and I have never seen him talk to any woman outside of his family

  13. Can you use other alliums? chives, onions, leeks, etc? or do they provoke the same allergy

  14. human meat and flesh is stored in the walls of the fuselage (you need to tear it open while the plane is in flight)

  15. unrelated but depending upon what the sprues look like I reckon you could make some cool sister of battle units using these guys if you did a headswap

  16. was this the show where he did blackface and the guy was like “I have never seen anyone that looks like you man”

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