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  1. "We have ten or twelve pictures of art, but we don't have any penises stretched out on the table."

  2. overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer

  3. Whats the source? At least credit the original artist, even if you dont like them -.-

  4. Medic would probably give free bottom and top surgery he’d probably also give you an animal organ but it’s the thought that counts

  5. "okay now be very carful with your new pussy as it can launch objects at approximately Mach 2 and utterly obliterate anyone's skull"

  6. reminds me of the dreams i had today where I was playing some sort of tf2 story mode and engie died (in a cutscene) and I just started crying like crazy like ive never cried before in my life

  7. by chapter four she'll solve all major plot points and all the other chapters will just be her going on dates with Noelle

  8. bruh I made this three years ago how did you get here

  9. That works but only after they forcefully take you to visit a mental institution which may have negative effects on your future when trying to get a driving license or something similar. Usually hinting that you have depression and had considered at some point in life to end it is the slow but harmless path.

  10. alcohol only makes your body heat spread out more, it doesn't actually make you any warmer so if you are in a particularly cold environment it can be dangerous as the body needs to keep most of the heat where your vital organs are

  11. DM:"so yeah that's a fail, you'll be taking 46 points of poison damage and are also poisoned"

  12. I'll be honest reading my own comment after 9 months is also making me feel incredibly called out even though it's my own comment

  13. Whenever I hear 'infinite food' in D&D, I think of

  14. and that's why hydra blood is poisonous enough to kill gods in many myths

  15. I mean Harry literally owns a slave from book 6 on, Ron entirely endorses the practice, and the series frames Hermione as hysterical and wrong for wanting emancipation so maybe not the best example?

  16. Yeah lmao and it also makes a point to explain that Dobby is unusual and weird by his species's standards for not wanting to be a slave, there was one house elf that got released from slavery as a punishment and felt into an alcoholic depression because of it.


  18. It used to be that the debuffs could override each other resulting in you only getting the +1 one from 400 instead of them stacking, was fixed recently

  19. Warp rocks in copper wire and throw them at power lines

  20. Stand next to your cart as spy, disguise as any enemy class, stay in your cart's push zone (even though you aren't actually pushing it) and you get 2 points per 14 seconds.

  21. Cheaters can also make it go much faster, tho I don't know how

  22. "The concept of Lycanthropy is flawed because i exist!"

  23. Paladin worships a moon deity and asks "ey can Lycanthropy not be a thing anymore?"

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