1. "Alright, thanks for your business" is always good after they forfeit.

  2. Good to see your still around. Love the work.

  3. The elephant man. That dude had it bad.

  4. Yo, I got PSVR. Allowing for me to act with my hands.

  5. Ready for round two it looks like😛

  6. I'm doing NG+ lethal+ broken armor kurosawa mode with all the cursed charms. It's brutal but fun.

  7. It’s worth the extra play through or two.on my third currently and it’s just so satisfying an experience.

  8. Same. I'm doing kurosawa mode with broken armore and all the curse charms on for NG+. Soo good.

  9. I like #4, that one looks so good.

  10. "Don't panic" in big friendly letters on the cover is all that's missing.

  11. Try another language option. I did my first playthrough with Japanese and English subtitles. Then on my Lethal+ run I did English language with no subtitles. Felt like a different experience. Kurosawa mode adds another layer to that experience too.

  12. Doing Kurosawa mode for my 3rd playthough. Witch changed up the way i deal with unblockable attacks. There no difference visually between the two in Kurosawa mode.

  13. Nah camps are a lot more fun if you do them when you have max stealth

  14. But nothing funnier then walking right in to the camp playing my flute. The song of death and sunny days.

  15. I’m going to give you a heads up right now on this. Be prepared to cry at the end of act II. That’s all I’ll say.

  16. Yeah, would like to see some water worlds get some love. Blue Whale sized animals in deep oceans would be nice.

  17. Also play in kurosawa mode so you can't tell the difference in unblockable attacks.

  18. Ooooo that should be fun. Should Force you to get really creative with your playstyle.

  19. 1, it'd warm colors really sell it for me.

  20. Lookes like my first living ship.

  21. Ancient ruins for the game called kick the first spawn. The golden ball use to be in the shape of a fat first spawn gek. Over the centuries it was worn in to a smooth ball.

  22. Hard, first played on realistic when i played it on my uncle's ps4, two years passed and now finally bought it for myself.

  23. Nice, I perfur lethal. Was hell at first, but now I walk in to camps playing my flute and perfect parry the Mongol dumb enough to interrupt my song.

  24. I thought I was the only one who did that lol

  25. Perfect parry from flute look so cool lol.

  26. Spared him my first playthrough, honored him my 2nd. When I do my 3rd, I'm going to spare him aging. I feel it fits the overall arc of his character through the game.

  27. If you bow over japanese dead, Jin will say stuff like a pray or that he's sorry he couldn't have helped them.

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