1. what the actual fuck has your cock to do with being a girl???

  2. someone applying transphobia (mild transphobia, in this case since they just didn’t learn everything about gender) to themselves isn’t really a bad thing as long as they don’t apply it to others, which they didn’t do. so hey, give them some respect, they didn’t try to harm anyone

  3. shove the aquarium up your ass

  4. try only projectile boosting through wave 70, pretty sure that hard damage will be a problem you can’t fix without swapping weapons

  5. I don't have any idea about how the right portrays this "long winded answer" thing but for me it I could somewhat understand it from the perspective of the layman.

  6. i guess that some people can be stuck in their own ideology a bit, yeah. i normally try and make sure that people understand me but also don’t normally receive feedback on how understandable i am so i guess i don’t know if i’m successful when talking about politics to non-leftists

  7. and don’t regret a single thing

  8. Video games are often prototyped in excel to make sure that proposed mechanics are numerically stable before putting them in the game.

  9. they should’ve done that with me before release

  10. what a weird resolution. is it for some special screen or just arbitrary?

  11. Unfortunately my hands are not so smol but I usually like spending a lot on gaming accessories given that usually what I spend most of my time outside Uni doing.

  12. if you want to have an overview of mice on the market, i’d recommend a few youtube channels (most of them have a “top mice” video, so you don’t need to watch the whole channel or something: -hausgaming -badseedtech (does other stuff too, but i think the mouse reviews are good) -optimum tech (does other stuff too, his reviews are great but heavily skewed towards very light mice. his latest video shows that instantly. however, the data on stuff is good and the quality is high)

  13. Summer is actually the best season because I want to be cooked alive by the sun.

  14. but what if you don’t? at least you are able to put on more clothes in winter, in summer you just stand there wondering if you can take off your head to throw it into some creek

  15. Um actually I don't like the cold so your opinion is wrong and stupid and I hate you

  16. yeah i know that pain, too. however, more clothes = less body is shown and that makes me not as dysphoric so i’d rather deal with the cold anyway (also idk what 60 degrees is i’m using celsius because europe)

  17. maybe there’s a reason like the architects being drunk

  18. my list is strong because it’s unordered and you just need to know the key for the value

  19. months can be cool. i’ve got a friend who’s called august and their friend is called november

  20. Weebs showing you 27 idenical anime women with differnt colored hair and telling you about how they will grow old together (they are cripplingly lonley and are unlikley to find love without significant changes to their lifestyle)

  21. just wait until you learn about niches. like audio, keyboards or mice. or anything, really. you can spend a lot of money.

  22. This is just a shitty meme I came up with. Honestly I'm with you when I remember how much an ex friend bitched about me buying stuff she didn't like

  23. it’s not a shitty meme, there’s truth and humor in it - just amused by some choices in the setup that i would’ve done way differently. but it’s not your setup, so doesn’t really matter

  24. it’s got the best wiki, that’s for sure. haven’t actually used it myself :3

  25. I’d say that’s good. It was the first place to make a large positive impact on the trans community, pioneering early forms of lots of the current methods of HRT, SRS, FFS/FMS, and other gender affirming care.

  26. oh, i know it was good (for the time, at least). sadly, nazis

  27. loser needs mushrooms i already have a ruined pattern recognition without any drugs

  28. tbf big parts of europe are now because of that. although tragic, not really uncommon in the wider area. also, they sure did fuck it up by building parking garages on the ruins :(

  29. next they’re going to tell me that i can’t have a bomb in my backpack at all times!

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