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  1. Shockingly easily. The true lesson is the capacity to do this is in all of us. We need to guard against it.

  2. It’s a future republicans are sure on way to creating with their facism and radical violent ideologies growing by the day

  3. I don’t get it. What does he have? What have I been missing out on?

  4. I have never met a person who's had a problem with killing bacteria

  5. And a bacteria can survive all on its own. A fetus is only forming while a live parent is growing it. The cells, would cease to exist if taken outside the body.

  6. And bacteria can survive in people's colons, but can't survive for long in their feces. So pro-life people should eat their feces to bring that bacteria back inside of them to preserve life and carry the bacteria to its full life cycle instead of ending it shorter. After all, they do like saying "all lives matter".

  7. Well that’s like my saying. “If life begins at conception the second the sperm meets the egg and starts it’s way in” well why then? That’s convenient. Convenient for the male. Otherwise if they said “life begins when the sperm is making its way down the vaginal cavity” then they know that’s a slippery slope. Well why not life begins at ejaculation. Because afterall those are little people swimming around right? Little lives? If republicans didn’t jack off and like blowjobs it would be that

  8. Being poor is no excuse for this behavior. You’re implying that financial poverty leads to not being a decent human being. Money, whether lack of it or wealth, doesn’t equal being a good person. I did not grow up poor but my grandparents did. And I heard many stories about their lives as kids and I believe they wanted me to appreciate the middle class life my parents provided. The people in this video have no respect for themselves or others. Don’t excuse their behavior.

  9. You’re being to narrow sighted. You’re partially correct. Simply turning a bank account to zero won’t make you a immature or ignorant person. But an entire half of a city in the projects that are all poor, with low education, lack of policing, lack of child care, means parents are at work, often single parents, and unable to spend necessary time with the kids to teach them.

  10. This guy knows what he's talking about. This is the second video like this I've seen on reddit today and all the comments are the same, saying that their conditions don't excuse their manners or morality.

  11. Yep. They haven’t lived in others shoes. They can’t relate. I wish my comment could be read and understood and wasn’t buried beneath a 1000 others, I’m surprised you even saw it.

  12. Ya’ll are waaay behind. This isn’t even a thing in L.A. anymore.

  13. I predict. As wealth separation continues to get more extreme and population continues to grow, and homeless cases rise and affordable single family homes begin to become EVEN more scarce, that things will get worse over next decade. You can’t have shrinking “middle” class and growing poor classes, while the country and rich just keep getting richer and not expect eventual revolution. Might be 80 years from now. But it will happen if nothing changes. Worldwide revolution. Watch

  14. In 20 years max they will have the security so tight there will be no hope for revolution. They will have technology we aren't even thinking about yet.

  15. That is true we don’t know what future will look like. China is doing some scary ass shit.

  16. What a trashy bitch. Friends should never steal from one another

  17. I was thinking that’s nothing compared to the fucking of BF. I’m pretty sure that’s the joke. But if not. Damn

  18. Does anyone else feel wrong for upvoting posts on this subreddit? Every time I’m like “damn, that’s awful.” upvotes

  19. Yea. But I realize that upvoting these is actually saying you like that someone pointed out how stupid it is. That lets me rest at night

  20. Nice job being on here for years then making no posts and then hopping on some random Witcher forum to throw your random 2 cents in out of the blue on this. Nice contributions dickwad

  21. Philippa looks like an annoying instagram model.

  22. Personal opinion but I don’t really find any of them attractive. Yen and Sabrina are not bad. None of them are unattractive I just mean I don’t find them HOT. And I don’t think any of them match the books or game descriptions.

  23. You don’t campaign on defund the police ANYMORE* because that turned out to be a poor strategy. I honestly don’t know what your point is here. Back the blue was never about blindly supporting police no matter what, so what it your point?

  24. Instead of deflecting after admitting states shouldn’t decide everything just settle it there. Some freedoms should be left as is. And to say such asinine things like would you want feds to ban interracial marriage is stupid because that wouldn’t ever be a thing unless your evil party did it.

  25. Okay so just to be clear you are in favor of the federal government banning things that you value ?

  26. I’m done. I demolished every point you made. At end of day your party is losing and losing hard. Your cult like president will be in jail or left in dirt to be forgotten. Your party is falling apart and passes zero helpful legislation. We just passed triple amazingly huge impactful legislation and your party of fascist cult members have done NOTHING but culture war bullshit and lower corporate taxes while denying science and sucking off trump and churches. That’s it. Done responding. Goooooodbye troll enjoy your downvotes

  27. Awe did me dissolving your world view over blm hurt your feelings now I’m a racist? Well that just makes you a clown, if you believe blm is an organization than you’re even more of a clown. Just because you cheer for the team didn’t mean your on the team. Just because you walked in the street with your hand up doesn’t mean your getting payed. That’s why you people are useful idiots or Bolsheviks. Do some history research on the last group of useful idiots and educate yourself because you got strings on you.

  28. You don’t even know what you’re typing lmao. What are you even saying do you even know?? Lmao. I just finished saying BLM isn’t an organization and then you say “if you believe BLM is an organization you’re a clown”. Lmao.

  29. What’s her @ so I can know.. uhhh what trashy pages to avoid in the future.

  30. Coming from someone with a fucked up face from cystic acne. Man appreciate you face and good looks. It's a hard life having a fucked up face especially when there is absolutely nothing you can do to fix it.

  31. As bad as you think yours is. Imagine being this guy. I bet he doesn’t get out in public much. Like people must turn and stare and kids run and shit. I couldn’t imagine the debilitating anxiety. Ughh

  32. With the amount of Kat Dennings posts on this sub, I'd say that the caption isn't true.

  33. That and she got an entire TV show that revolves around her tits. There is a pretty blonde face and a great set of tits that kept that show afloat for more than one season

  34. I snooped his profile (I saw the post too) and it said he lived in India. I don't know enough about India though to rule on whether that's a third world country or not, but I know enough about the caste system to agree with you that he likely was one of the more privileged there

  35. So here is the thing about India. The majority of people there don’t make much money. But you better believe even the poor will make it a PRIORITY to have a phone. And a lot of them have computers. It’s kind of funny because that’s the same even in US and everywhere. You could be pulling in 20k annually in US and your priority will still be your cell phone.

  36. His Abs and thighs is untouchable among the modern pros and its effortless for him to hit the shot

  37. I wouldn’t have known who he was if not for Larry wheels videos on YouTube. Larry is a VERY big dude. But Andrew made him look small and out of shape when he stood beside him.

  38. Thank Satan that people intervened too, holy shit, imagine how many times that parent has done this or similar neglect before. that poor kid deserves better

  39. And then that woman went to church the Sunday before and probably preached to others how to live their life.

  40. Yeh but how does it play? Geralt spins around alot, i feel id get nausea.

  41. And missed opportunity to show fighting of any sort

  42. Bruh that would leave me shook. I wouldn’t know what to do. Prob just exit the bathroom altogether

  43. Actually no, it's considered as accurate as any encyclopedia. Wiki is not allowed in most academic settings because it misses the point: teaching students how to research multiple sources. That's why they don't let you use it in your term paper. And that's the only reason why.

  44. Wikipedia has an accuracy rate of 79-82%. Encyclopedic indexes have an accuracy rate of about 97% on average. While the majority of their basic info is usually correct, it still is edited by ppl at the end of the day that aren’t getting paid to ensure it’s accuracy like journals and encyclopedia.

  45. No, they broke that milestone however last I checked they were still 10 years away from any real applications. Just like 10 years ago they were 10 years from any real applications… just like 10 years ago… Building a star on earth is cool as shit though, and in all reality it’s the only way we save the planet so let’s get after it this decade… please…

  46. So after reading more into it, I believe they just recently gave the “official proven” confirmation of ignition. However. The scientists already knew they did it last year. They were just waiting on official confirmation. At least that’s what I read

  47. Yep he's going for the "everyone does it" defense. His base will fall for it of course, but in a court of law? Good luck.

  48. It’s blowing my mind at this point. None of trumps defenses are playing out. He’s fucked. Literally fucked. But his base is still. Still sucking him off. Blows my mind.

  49. I better not see people complain again that Bungie doesn't listen to their community. I mean heck that TWAB looks like a Christmas list from DTG and this subreddit.

  50. Their goal is to accumulate wealth, which, they have cleverly figured out, can be much easier to accomplish if they hold the reigns of government and can divert the enormous amount of tax money from the public coffers into their own pockets.

  51. I made a video on the very topic of what do they even stand for and why even be republican.

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