1. The LAX loop is probably the worst feature of any airport I’ve ever been to for arrivals and departures. Each terminal really needs its own ingress and egress for there to be any remarkable improvement on the loop.

  2. I’m so old that it only had one fucking level for arrivals and departures when I was a kid. My grandfather used to holler obscenities out the window of the car endlessly circling that thing.

  3. If it’s a conventional lead acid battery only about half of that 100Ah will be usable without accelerating capacity reduction.

  4. Classified documents have just been found in the home of Mike Pence. In 2022 he claimed he did not leave with any classified material.

  5. The arc came alive when I added the sub. I can’t believe what a difference it made.

  6. Skip the black label option. It adds weight to the coach but the axle capacity is the same as the base model resulting in significantly less payload capacity (weight available for water/sewage/stuff).

  7. Those might be the emojis your insurance company uses after denying your claim for being over payload…

  8. Payload 2050. Sticker on camper 995 it’s probably 1200 is my estimate. Don’t know without scales.

  9. Is 2050 from the sticker inside your driver door jamb?

  10. FSD was $3K on that car. That doesn’t add $15K to the resale value. Especially because it sucks and isn’t really getting better. IMO it has actually gotten worse in the last couple of updates. Compare two identical 2018 M3 except one has FSD and one has EAP (standard in 2018) and there is no way there will be a $15K difference unless one buyer is a sucker

  11. I have this car and FSD was $3k but required you to purchase EAP first for $5k resulting in a total of $8k.

  12. Metamucil every morning and a bidet. Will change your life.

  13. I’m certainly mindful that my car is very publicly related to a wingnut CEO and it’s an association I don’t enjoy.

  14. Theres a good chance he won’t even be at the company when you buy your next car. I guess that was kind of my point. I get that he’s the face of the company, but I believe in Tesla first and foremost and to be honest they would benefit with him gone. Still a lot of things Tesla needs to fix in order to continue being a prosperous company.

  15. “Musk is so shitty that he won’t even be CEO anymore so you shouldn’t let the embarrassment of being associated with him affect your consideration of another one of the company’s cars.” is a creative take.

  16. The BMS in my lithium battery shuts off power when it gets below a certain temperature. How cold was it?

  17. The BMS in my lithium battery shuts off power when it gets below a certain temperature. How cold was it?

  18. Car is fine, service is awful, Elon is an embarrassment.

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