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  1. You shouldn't use dish soap to clean your windows and mirrors, cast-iron, dishes in the dishwasher, coffeemaker, fruits and vegetables, hard wood floors and wood trim, leather, cutting boards, also not on your body, hair, dog/cat, plants or car. And never ever mix your dish soap with bleach.

  2. It's fine to mix dish soap with bleach. I did it for many years before I got a dishwasher.

  3. Most dish soaps have amines, an organic form of ammonia. And as we all know you shouldn't combine ammonia and bleach. It's always safer than sorry when combining chemicals.

  4. Everyone is more than welcome to do whatever they want to do. But, the bottom line is when I make a reservation I intentionally chose a particular seat for a reason just like others do. I don't like being put in the position to change seats. In my experience when I've been asked to trade/move seats and I say no (I feel like I don't owe anyone an explanation of why my answer is no) there is always ill feelings and hell to pay! It always becomes my fault they aren't able to sit together!

  5. I really don't think this would be cause to fire someone. I'm assuming it was just a mistake.

  6. So why does this surprise any of us at this point! Oh ya, it doesn't. These people deserve what they get! Do stupid things and win stupid prizes.

  7. Wow! I knew about all of these things before I went to school and my son and grandchildren also knew this. A globe sat on my father's desk when I was growing up, it came to live at my house when I got my first home. We had lots of books around that included dinosaurs, landing on the moon and of course the Titanic. And I can't forget the TV shows and movies!

  8. Munising boys advance to first MHSAA Final

  9. Dude couldn't even get his arrest date right.. then his cult went out and stated that it was actually the media that predicted that date.. they're so weird

  10. Donny the drama queen who has no idea what the truth is! He just makes up crap as he goes! What a poor excuse for a man!

  11. He is just a drama queen who wouldn't know the truth if it hit him in his face!

  12. I would like more people on this sub to internalize this. There’s being considerate, then there’s tiptoeing. You can only work around so much. Living around others is compromise and not everyone lives your life

  13. You are so very right! I don't care if you live in an apartment, condo, duplex or single family home in a community people will have some sort of interaction and with that either comes with how one is going to interact with others. Maybe we should all go back to the basic lessons we learned in kindergarten.... People just need to learn to play nicely in this sandbox! People just need to get along and be considerate with others! If you don't want to play nice then off to the principals office you go! This would solve so many problems!!!

  14. It’s when the principal and the powers that be, do feck all, then you work out your own strategies. For many people it is too late to start being nice, respectful and mindful. For whatever reasons.

  15. Those are the times when you have to pick your battles before you get to the war!

  16. Oh ya..... Just blow the air horn, smile towards the house/person, wave and yell, "Hello! Have a great day!" and go on with the dog. I'd do do this!

  17. So do vegan's use silk since it's an "animal" byproduct?

  18. Get back to work or your neighbor dies from the plague.

  19. But if the bin guys die because of the plague they won't have to worry about Pension reform.

  20. I hated that show! I'm not sure how people could watch it!

  21. Uh so sorry for you and your relative. I was thinking to get vaccine after this but apparently you still can get it. If I may ask, how long did you take time off from work? The guilty feeling is creeping me out.

  22. Didn't take any time off from work. The last time I got shingles I went to work, talked to my manager, called my doctor, had an appointment 2 hours later, got diagnosed, picked up the meds and was back to work in less than 2 hours. That was a Tuesday. I work Saturday through Wednesday 6:30a to 3:30p. Work wasn't easy but I felt it was better to get up and move rather than laying around feeling bad for myself. I think I felt worse being at home thinking how bad I felt compared to being distracted at work.

  23. Oh wow - i don’t know how you did that. Amazing.

  24. I'm stubborn, have ongoing health issues and I try really hard to keep going. More times than not if I don't feel well if I get up, take a shower and go into work I forget how badly I feel. I may not function at 100% but I get things done.

  25. You can always save something even if it's a dollar.

  26. You are so very right about this. My parents taught me this many many years ago. I worked a couple of jobs in high school and saved the money - spending was not an option. Then I continued to work my way through college and paid it all off... No loans..... My parents told me I could do it if I tried hard enough... I did it!

  27. Very rare indeed. I'm with you 100 percent. I tell people when they are ready to stop struggling and get out of debt, their life will start. Not too many folks want to postpone desires. I have everything I need. I am blessed beyond what I deserve and no, I don't make a lot of money. Attitude is everything.

  28. You are so very right! Thanks for saying this!

  29. The effect is stronger is poorer schools. I went to a public school in a poorer area and you would get bullied hard for not having brand name stuff.

  30. True. My grandchildren went to a private school. - uniforms and who cared where your school supplies came from. The kids I know that go to public school (same neighborhood) need high end clothes and shoes along with name brand school supplies! Crazy!

  31. He is very deserving of this nomination! He should be so proud. Hopefully he will earn his very important prize. A prize he is very deserving of.

  32. They are guilt tripping me. They are gaslighting me into thinking I have selfish intentions in not wanting to hangout with them when I clearly told them, and the person that I just can’t financially hang out at the moment. The person in question is passive aggressively sending me pictures of the food they’re enjoying. “Wish you were here :)” “you’re totally missing out :)” like a psychotic psychopath. Like you wouldn’t be sending these pictures if you were paying ass hat. Edit: when I say “they” I mean the celebrated person and their extended friends (not my friend). My other family members who do go out and celebrate are understanding of me not showing, but not my passive aggressive entitled, offended celebrated person.

  33. They can only do this to you if you allow them to do it! You need to set boundaries and stick to them. I know this won't be easy but you can do this. Offer to celebrate with them on your terms and, again, stick to it. If they choose to not then that is on them and not you! Not everyone can do everything others do!

  34. Pick them up on a regular basis, put them on his front step in a pile, leave a nice note saying, "just thought I would return your property! Have a great day." Make sure you have a camera to document his behavior. Make sure you keep track of what you are doing. Also check to see if there is a littering ordnance. A great time to return them is when he has company. Make sure he doesn't see you upset. Be just as nice as if you were returning a precious possession of his because you are. A huge reason he is doing this is because he wants to irritate you and make you mad! Don't let him know he is getting to you. Good luck, you've got this!

  35. These people are insane! This just shows what they all have become!!! This is not how civilized people who live in our country should act! What a horrible example of an American citizen!

  36. The serving size doesn’t matter if you can’t afford to buy it. That’s what I’m trying to explain to you. If price increases make 10 servings outside of your budget, you can buy an 8 serving package. It’s smart business for a company to reduce package size and maintain sales at a smaller profit per package if the alternative is to price their customers out of the product altogether.

  37. I do have to rely on how many servings are in a package to keep my grocery budget in check. I've learned there are recommended serving sizes for foods and I use them to keep my budget in check. 1/2 cup of cooked vegetables, 1 cup raw vegetables, 3-4 ounces of meat, 1/2 cup of rice/pasta/potatoes, 1/2 cup baked beans, 1/2 cup of canned fruit, 2/3 cup of yogurt, 3 oreos, and the list goes on. Over eating is not good for my grocery budget and it also helps to keep track of how much I'm eating (I do have a tendency to over eat). I not only have to pay attention to how many servings I'm going to get out of a container/package of food but am I buying enough food to last me and still stay on my grocery budget. I don't allow myself to over spend on my budget.

  38. Dishes are a pet peeve of mine. I tend to cook for myself and 99% of the time it is like one pan and I eat out of it. When my wife makes baked chicken with stuffing and taters and corn and gravy, it is 4 pans and the baking dish, when I do it, it is one pan and the baking dish. I am really a slob and one of the things that I learned is the less mess you make the less you have to deal with. No doubt it is just one more thing, but it is just an unexpected consequence of the new opener that draining the liquid off of things is now a chore.

  39. And so I'm basically a lazy person at heart! I also do meal planning and prep. So making one meal and eating from it for four days (original meal and leftovers for the next three) is good for me and makes much less clean up and dishes.

  40. Not every one of them is a loser. Many of them clearly are: they never arrived at the golden future they fully expected to have as a birthright, and that grievance is what attracted them to Trump in the first place. But some have substantial savings. And by taking it out of the bank as a protest, they at least provide a window during which they won't be scammed by callers from Calcutta.

  41. I didn't say everyone of them is a loser and some of them do have more money than $29. Unfortunately lots of times scammers ask people to go buy gift cards as they are the most preferred payment method for scammers for a number of reasons: Gift cards are almost the same as cash. Once you send a scammer the numbers and PIN on a gift card, they can use it however they want. And it doesn't matter if people make those gift card purchases with cash or cards. And of course there are the grifters who can talk people out of their money no matter if it's cash or straight out of their bank account. No matter what some will lose money either by getting burgled, scammed or grifted! Sad....

  42. No one in their right mind is willing to risk their freedom by burglarizing some double-wide trailer to steal Billy Joe Yokel's life savings of $29. 😝

  43. Oh I bet you we would all be very surprised how many of them would burgel the Yokel's double-wide just hoping for some cash just because they could! These are some crazy people! 😫

  44. I find getting and carrying cash to be labor intensive so I avoid it at all costs! All of my banking is done electronically. If I have to access cash I either have to go to the bank/credit union or use the atm. Both are a hassle, labor intensive and I avoid it at all costs - I have to plan in advance if I need cash and that's a bother! Anyway, if I do have cash it's easy just to pay $5 here, a $10 there and before you know it I'm broke. On the other hand, if I use my card I have to be more accountable on what I'm spending and how much is in my account. With cash I have no way to track what I'm spending my money on like I can by checking my bank account regularly (I have a budget and keep track of what I spend money on by checking my bank account and making a note of it). Cash also causes me more stress and anxiety. I'm always worried I'll lose my purse or wallet with the cash in it. If I lose my card(s) I just make a phone call and turn it in as lost. With cash you can't do this.

  45. I get very few. My Spam blocker catches nearly 109% of the calls. Try setting up a Spam blocker.

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