1. Similar case for me. My dad was a veteran and Vietnam messed him up pretty bad. When he wasn’t drunk, he was the coolest thing ever, but there are too few memories of that. Unfortunately he was a shitty abusive dad more often than a good one.

  2. Shit, drinking can be brutal, and it just costs so much. I was drinking two times per night, seven nights per week. Not that I was remotely abusive, but it was just an awful habit.

  3. No way, that didn’t come across as bragging. Hell, it’s great you were self-aware enough to change your drinking habits for the better. Keep being a great dad to your kid(s). FWIW, I drink too, but never been shit housed in front of my kids, usually 2 drinks max.

  4. Hello fellow Bass Dads!!! 👋🏼

  5. Oooh, nice bass. I’m crossing over from guitar, so I’m cutting my teeth with a Fender Jazz. I’m finding out I was a bassist trying to be a guitarist all these years lol

  6. Sorry I can’t help with your question, but I have one for you. Do you feel the HL books gave you practical working knowledge of bass? I’ve been considering buy the books, but wasn’t sure if I’d get anything useful out of it.

  7. I've definitely learned a lot and can do way more than when I started. To me nothing is more practical than playing along with music and most of the exercises have musical tracks to play along with.

  8. Thank you for sharing. I’ll definitely be getting at least the first two then.

  9. I love these… although I’ve loved all the DT&T lines I’ve tried lol

  10. I just bought a Epiphone Newport from Sweetwater, after returning one purchased from GC, and was so happy with the service and setup of it. They’re definitely legit to buy from.

  11. Some great records you’ve got up on that wall. Sweet looking bass too, how’s it play?

  12. Thank you. So after getting one that passed QC (the first was a nightmare), it plays great. The short scale lends itself to wanting to shred a bit, so fun to play on. I think it sounds great too, it gives me a heavier muddier tone than my J bass. Great username BTW 🦎🧙‍♂️

  13. Nice! I’ve been wanting to try a short scale for a while. Is it 30” like a short Fender?

  14. It’s allll connected man lol

  15. You spoke to my soul. Thank you, as this was therapeutic to read.

  16. I’ve purchased a Fender Player Plus Strat, and Player Jazz. The QC was good, especially on the player plus. The setups out of box was really close, and they were totally playable. Both made in Mex.

  17. Woah I always thought Cali was a state not a country, you learn something new every day!

  18. We absolutely are our own country. Please keep up 😄

  19. You sound pretentious. Just enjoy your sticks and stop wincing about such an inconsequential word.

  20. You did your best in a split second event. Feel bad, then forgive yourself.

  21. As The Clash so wisely sang,

  22. You’re best bet to play both if at all possible. One will sound and feel right for you. That will best answer your question.

  23. Hate to break it to you, but that’s Sprite, not coffee 🧐

  24. That's old. To be real with you it been there a little while.

  25. I didn’t bother to check if it’s being offered on vinyl, so I cannot answer that friend

  26. Incredible show. Over shadowed a bit by the big red rocks run and official release. So now this seems almost slept on a bit. Hope it gets an official release. To me, the second set reads like Stu wrote a story with the songs. A tale of birth, battles of good versus evil, death, then rebirth. No other setlist of theirs speaks to me this way.

  27. Leah Senior narrating Lord of Lightning was almost too much for my little brain to handle. It was an amazing show indeed.

  28. It’s 💧Dripping Tap by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. Some will say Crumbling Castle, but we all know it’s totally not.

  29. This is a great rundown. Thank you for sharing it

  30. Happy national cigar day! I just received my first package from Principle cigars. First thing I really wanted was to try time to burn. They use a filler from Zimbabwe. The band really attracted me, as well. They are using actual vintage, watch faces. In fact, all their styling attracts me. I do love the skulls and metal; however, there’s something about the art deco that appeals to me.

  31. I ordered about 6 different lines from them to try the brand out as well. I’ve only had the Aviator so far, and it was an enjoyable easy smoke. Had some nice flavors, but nothing that smacks you in the face. I look forward to trying the others.

  32. Cool. I am looking forward to that cochon they sent. Do you think that is how they roll the blend? If I tasted just a few of those flavors I’d be happy.

  33. I know very little about rolling technique, so I couldn’t say lol I can say I picked up four distinct from the aviator, and they seemed to come and go.

  34. People just getting shitty about the bad gear they've bought trying to justify their cheapness 😂

  35. The OP wasn’t complaining about the quality of their bass, and you’re being an asshole by shitting on them. You sound quite miserable inside. Cheers.

  36. If you say so, but you’re still an asshole

  37. I just did something quite similar to my MIM Player Jazz. I was getting a very loud humming and the volume seemed lower once the new painted black metal control plate was installed.

  38. I put the old plate back on with similar results as the new plate. I'm not getting any loud humming, but the volume is still extremely quiet. I'm at a bit of a loss.

  39. Bummer. The surest fix may be to take it in to a shop to be looked at. They should spot the issue pretty quick. Good luck man.

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