1. As someone who works in pharmaceutical research (in a site that used to be owned by Pfizer) this guy is absurdly young to be a director of R&D. I'm not aware of anyone at that level younger than 40 in my company

  2. if it were about brownie points youd think we'd be able to find a press release about how they put a black gay man in charge of r&d

  3. people don't randomly look for documents. But you find one you look for more.

  4. Who is "they?" Bidens lawyer is the one notified the FBI they were found, then after a further comb over Biden or his team found more. We're hearing about it now because they didn't want to reveal sensitive material before the midterms

  5. Dude you are delusional. You are literally making no claims here.

  6. As someone who is in software engineering and whose bosses do not have a software background, I have to deal with this on a daily basis. The idea that "all code is the same" and you can just "copy and paste your way to success" are toxic af. Good development requires a great time and effort. Something that is hard to do when you aren't familiar with the code base.

  7. So I'll ask again, do you know if he said it jokingly or seriously? I understand you condemn it in both cases, but that's not my question at all.

  8. I only read about 30% of this post, but that was some of the cringiest shit I've seen on this sub

  9. What I'm saying is that Steve has the platform and ability to create real, meaningful policital and social change. I would absolutely contribute my time and ability to that cause.

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