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  1. I raised this question years ago on another website and got the answer, but totally lost the link and song. I believe the couple slowly start kissing, undressing too.

  2. i. reloaded and the game broke down so i guess the problem was on my side

  3. nice! you can progress to anor londo now or use the other bf to get into irithyll dungeon. i can join again in 10 minutes if you want to do more coop

  4. I just closed after some more exploration around the same area. Thanks for your help today dear friend. Much appreciated.

  5. It's not just dancing. If you look at 10th second, it's actually Break Dancing.

  6. Check your activision account on the website and make sure the location matches properly. Spent 30mins figuring out this thing myself earlier. As long as it matches and you’re past midnight locally you should be good to go.

  7. Hello buddy. I would like to say thank you. This worked for us. After 3+ hours of believing we are the only people with the issue it is now resolved.

  8. Can someone please help us tackle the final act (act 4) on the easiest difficulty

  9. Duty fulfilled. Two people appeared out of nowhere and finished the boss

  10. Ah yes, Thief. What a masterpiece.

  11. I'm unfortunately out of your summoning range but maybe try to use those 2 npc summons. They are braindead but they help at least

  12. One more thing about caches. You may be unable to collect the rare items stored in the cache if you're already full of those items. It's okay, the caches are not collectibles and don't count towards 100% or anything. They're just extra things. It's a bit annoying though that the blue icon then remains in the map even though you've already found the cache.

  13. Sry. Apologies. Duty has been fulfilled. I am updating flair now.

  14. Well done friend. Keep up the good work. If you remember, can you please tell me approximately how many attempts it took.

  15. Audio Setup (the button on the bottom right) is where you will select the options for HDMI audio. Stereo Uncompressed is an option.

  16. I think there is an option in advanced settings or somewhere saying, turn off speaker if headset is connected. You can enable an option saying "do nothing if headset is connected" meaning the speaker will stay on and is able for you to change sound options. I don't know exactly where to go. Look around, it's there 😁

  17. Yes that option is available. I have already unset it. My recent test run, sounded fine. I will keep an eye on the settings going forward.

  18. Good thing Jesus addressed this in the "Parable of the workers of vineyard".

  19. Frog was determined to continue his position as 'Wednesday' announcer.

  20. The tigers had it coming. For pulling this without opposable thumbs.

  21. Did you know those characters are used anywhere on Reddit to make anything in a comment

  22. Love You So by The King Khan & BBQ Show

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