Mobile Suit Gundam: Suisei no Majo - Episode 12 discussion - FINAL

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  1. The characters being able to communicate through telepathy must be a godsend for the animators considering the production for this show has been rough. They've already stopped animating legs in some scenes and now they don't even have to bother animating the lips in others.

  2. I thought there were some good animations this episode,

  3. lol I prefer dumb isekai all day every day, because I'm out of fucks to give about anything. Adult life has left me jaded and dead inside, so I seek out low stakes entertainment

  4. Sharing is caring is what people always say. I'm sure you wouldn't mind sharing some of those manga titles right?

  5. I don't commit titles (or even stories) to memory a lot of the time, I just read and forget

  6. Props for showing truck-kun's driver. My dad's a trucker and really drilled it home that people dying by truck is a huge trauma on the driver.

  7. When I got certified to do work near railroad tracks, we had to watch a 10 minute video that was all about how traumatizing it is for the train driver when they hit people.

  8. for every anime with a truck-kun, there's a driver that needs therapy

  9. Lesbians in prison where they're forced to fight dragons with mecha. Lots of fan service. Strange fantasy elements. Mizuki Nana as the lead.

  10. Was controversial when it released because it uses fan service at the expense of the plot. The plot's goofy anyway tho so I wasn't really put out by it

  11. really got a chuckle when the crowd went "Ooohhhh!" in agreement when Gashita shouted that, just added to the silliness that the crowd agreed

  12. I wonder what the limits on her teleportation ability is. Could she touch a septic tank and teleport it somewhere?

  13. well, she seemingly brought the solar panels through contact

  14. It isn't all that trivial to setup a proper roof installation by yourself though.

  15. funny you say that, I had professor for a 100 level physics course insist we all learn to do it ourselves and ran us through a how-to as a lab session (there were solar panels on campus he had us put together on a rack). Even after doing that I'd still pay somebody if I wanted solar lol

  16. Okay after the 3rd kill with a gold sheet on screen I'm thinking "That must be an expensive murder method"

  17. Can you even paint like that with the brush the main character was using?

  18. the animation showed how to an extent, you can control value with how much the ink is diluted

  19. Grantz seems like the type that is calm on the outside but screaming on the inside.

  20. I see him as the type that doesn't emotionally process the situation before there's an outcome

  21. Now delete sequels and/or lump them together with their first season and maybe we can get a basic idea of what people actually like.

  22. seriously anytime there's a mal statistics post it's "oh look, gintama 10 times"

  23. Did not expect Nick and Curran to turn into Gogeta lol

  24. The scene right after the intro with them walking down the stairs was animated atrociously

  25. looking at that shot again I want to say Nick is roto'd 3d at a low framerate because of the way the lighting on him looks unnatural, but I'm pretty sure his figure doesn't stay consistent after he turns (meaning it'd need to be hand drawn)

  26. you need to watch it man! If you enjoyed season 1, that is. Season 2 is a perfect continuation of the first. Truly a wholesome show

  27. I enjoyed s1, I've watched the first episode of s2

  28. my number 1 is 80000 coins, because I loved the manga, the adaptation is kinda meh but I still love it

  29. Well, crop rotation has been mentioned, so we can cross that off our isekai bingo card I guess.

  30. didn't anime first latch onto the crop rotation thing back with Maoyu? That's the earliest I remember it, I wonder if all the "introduction of tech" tropes are just coming from fan appreciation of Maoyu

  31. as a manga reader I was disappointed not to get an animated version of

  32. I'm glad they went with the source material version. It's way more impactful and inspiring and not just a gag out of Euphie's imagination. That kind of declaration is an important part of a lot of people's lives and I'm glad they handled it respectfully.

  33. lol it was honestly what sold me on the manga

  34. I enjoyed the finale of Gundam Witch season 1 more than I've enjoyed anything in anime in a long fucking time. I don't think an episode has hit me that hard in almost 10 years

  35. Hmm something about the pacing felt a bit weird with this one, maybe too much back and forth? Still feels like this show is finding its footing so I'm sticking around to see what it does once it gets rolling.

  36. coming from the manga I thought the pacing was pretty good. It was a training montage but about double length for the average training montage so it really hit the point home that she was working on her strategy and her skills, as well as testing her power.

  37. The deer fighting the giant ant felt so random that I couldn't help but laugh.

  38. The way the gag was so over-animated, the deer was busting out jet li moves in mid air

  39. Jesus Cassandra, it's not an audition for the next Danganronpa. SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT DESPAIR.

  40. they need to assign their members shifts for Cassandra slapping duty

  41. That archer guy is daddy. More reasons to love this show.

  42. he had to have known his shirt would rip when he drew the bow right? Why not just...take it off? I'm picturing him having a closet full of spare shirts now.

  43. Why is this so not watched? Looks really nice and got a very early Miyazaki (Nausicca, Laputa) feel to it. Grand adventures are actually not very common now that is not the generic fantasy game-esque.

  44. one thing I've seen consistently over many years is that people on this sub like to complain that "there aren't enough traditional fantasy anime there's too many isekai" but when there are traditional fantasy, they don't actually watch them

  45. Coming from the days of Loss and Arslan, I think I had watched my shares, but I'm always interested for well done plain vanilla ones too. Have you got some recommendations I may have overlooked?

  46. in no particular order...and by no means an exhaustive list

  47. eri? Is there context I'm missing by this being my first gundam?

  48. Eri was the name of Prospera's (Elnora then) daughter who turned 4 during the prologue.

  49. bullshit. Only thing she did was save her friend, that's it. Why the fuck any of you are bothered by this? that guy would kill Miorine otherwise. In any other series you people would be seeing that as normal.

  50. ending song by LMYK, inject that into my veins

  51. ZZ is one of my favourites too but I do find the pacing a bit strange. Not just in the opening but I feel the final act brings in so many new characters that don't really get fleshed out. There's like four named cyber newtypes who just kinda disappear. One thing I do love about ZZ is its side cast, they don't job!! Elle and Roux are a breath of fresh air after we had two previous Gundam series where every woman who pilots a suit loses agency.

  52. I never felt like I started to enjoy ZZ in the second part. It's among the worst Gundam entries for me. My favourite one is 0083: Stardust Memory that I think not many people talk about.

  53. The poster for Iceblade looked like Generic Power Fantasy Isekai: The Genericitation. So trash the art designers couldn't even be bothered.

  54. That "isekai" just means "fantasy based on a WN" in this community is weird to me every time

  55. Oh, I've never looked at Iceblade past the poster, so it's just a fantasy and not isekai? I see

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